How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

At any time it can happen that you have to record an important phone call using your iPhone, but unfortunately the Apple smartphone does not allow you to do it natively. For this reason today we are going to see how to get around the problem and then be able to capture an entire conversation using some useful tools and others for a fee.

Before starting, however, we would like to clarify that recording without the complete consent of the interlocutors is not always allowed. For this reason we invite you to  declare your intent  before starting the registration procedure.

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You might be interested in these selections of ours:

  1. How to record phone calls on iPhone via app

2.1. REKK Call Recorder

2.2. TapeACall: Record Calls / Pro

  1. How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Voice Memos
  2. How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Mac

How to record phone calls on iPhone via app

Even if iOS does not have a useful function for recording phone calls, on the App Store there are several applications that can solve the problem. Unfortunately these, in most cases, are paid, so, to avoid charging you for non-working software, we list below only the best two currently available for download.

REKK Call Recorder

Through the “REKK” application it   will be possible to record any incoming or outgoing call on the iPhone. Furthermore, thanks to its ability to recognize words (including Italian), it will also be possible to start the  transcription of the text of the  entire conversation. There is also the possibility of sharing via email, WhatsApp, Messages or other and Backup via iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or other.

Although the iPad app is missing, the developers have well thought of extending the same functionality to the Mac , allowing the user to record phone calls using Handoff. The app download is free, but to fully use its features you will need to pay a weekly, monthly or annual subscription starting from 4.99 euros.

To start recording an outgoing call, simply open the REKK app and click on the keypad icon at the bottom. At this point you can type in your favorite number or choose it from the phone book (after allowing access) directly from the app itself. To record an incoming call, on the other hand, before answering, enter the app and start recording by clicking on the appropriate purple button .

TapeACall: Record Calls / Pro

The best alternative to REKK is “TapeACall” , which is available in both a free and full paid trial version . Before talking about the app, however, we would like to point out immediately that unfortunately it does not work with Vodafone , for this reason, if you have a SIM from the aforementioned operator, it will be absolutely useless.

All the others, on the other hand, will be able to make unlimited recordings of conversations, use the app in the background, share audio files and keep backups compatible with the most famous cloud services. Another point in favor of  “TapeACall” is undoubtedly the unlocking of all the features through a single purchase, rather than the mandatory subscription of a subscription. You can then try the service by downloading the free version, and then proceed with the purchase of the “Pro” version if necessary .

To allow the app to automatically start recording when you receive a call, just complete the first configuration by entering your phone number verifying it via SMS code, click on the huge registration button in the center of the screen and allow the sending of notifications and access to contacts. This way, every time you receive a call you can click on the notification to start recording immediately. To start an outgoing one instead, simply open the app and start recording (always by clicking on the central button) before making the call.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Voice Memos

In reality, there is a method to record a phone call on iPhone without necessarily having to download third-party apps and go through the use of Voice Memos. The aforementioned service has been present on iOS since its first version and essentially allows you to record audio through smartphone microphones. In this case, however, it will be necessary to make a call in hands-free mode and start recording via the “Voice Memos” app in a quiet room, otherwise the ambient noise could distort the content of the conversation. This is certainly a more inconvenient solution, but still valid and free in emergencies.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone via Mac

The same operation seen in the previous paragraph can also be performed from the Mac, once again using the “Voice Memos” app (available from macOS Big Sur onwards), or the audio recording function of “QuickTime Player” . As for the first solution, the operations to be performed will be identical to those seen on the iPhone, while to use QuickTime Player you will need to open the app, click on “File” in the menu bar at the top left, choose  “New audio recording ” and start recording by clicking on the button with the red circle in the center (the chinata must still be hands-free).

We remind you that to receive and make calls with the Mac using the iPhone SIM it will be necessary to activate the Handoff and Continuity functions on the two devices , that both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that they are configured with the same iCloud account. In the article below, all the steps to verify it are shown.



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