How to mirror iPhone or iPad screen to Windows PC

We are all now aware of the deep integration between all Apple devices, but fortunately there are several developers capable of expanding the functionality of third-party operating systems to make them somehow compatible with those of the Cupertino company. Today we are talking about AirPlay and how to “install” it on PCs with Windows to duplicate the iPhone or iPad screen without connecting any cables .

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  1. Download and install LonelyScreen
  2. Duplicate iPhone and iPad to Windows PC with LonelyScreen

Download and install LonelyScreen

As you will surely imagine, by default Windows does not support AirPlay, which is Apple’s audio / video duplication technology, in any way. However, thanks to some specially developed tools, the problem can be easily circumvented. The program that must be downloaded is LonelyScreen , available for free trial via this link (after the end of the trial, you will need to pay an annual subscription of about $ 15).

Once the installer has been downloaded, all you need to do is double click on the download and continue with the classic Windows installation . When LonelyScreen is started for the first time, it may be necessary to allow the program on the Windows firewall, otherwise it will not work in any way.

Immediately after starting the tool, the duplication will be ready to be requested. First of all, however, you will need to make sure that your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network . Furthermore, LonelyScreen will have to constantly remain in the background. It can therefore be minimized but not completely closed. From its main screen, the name of the duplication device can also be changed, which in a few moments we will find on the iPhone or iPad.

Duplicate iPhone and iPad on Windows PC with LonelyScreen

From this moment on, to be able to duplicate the screen of the iOS device, just act directly from the iPhone or iPad (the procedure will also work on iPod touch). Before seeing the steps to follow, however, we anticipate that the quality of duplication will depend a lot on the speed of the Wi-Fi network in possession , but the fact that it is not a product developed directly by Apple, could still cause slight imperfections from time to time. in the meantime.

  • Open the control center on iPhone or iPad (on iPhone X or later and on iPad with iOS 12 or later you will have to swipe your finger from the top right corner downwards, on all other models or software you will have to swipe the finger from bottom to top starting from the edge)
  • Click on  “Duplicate Screen”
  • Select the name chosen during the LonelyScreen configuration (such as “Living Room” in the photo below) and, if required, enter the code that appears on the PC

To stop everything, just close the LonelyScreen window, or click again on “Duplicate screen” on iPhone or iPad and continue with “Stop duplication” .


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