How To Record Calls On Android

Calls are a widely used means of communication today, so much so that even the way in which they are carried out has been adjusted over time. It often happens that when you have one, you may come across relevant topics that you would like to hear again, or important conversations that require recording. That is why this time we will tell you how to record calls on Android.

Everything is always being renewed, currently it is possible to record calls, in this case from your Android device without many complications. So in this tutorial you will find out how to do it. We will also tell you if they are legal or not to carry them out. Read on to know everything and more about this topic.

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How to record calls on Android?

Calls on Android

You are probably wondering how to record calls on Android. There is no doubt that you can think of doing it with a recorder, although it is not the same and it loses a lot of quality. Although you should know that the cell phone also allows you to do it. It is worth noting that this means absolute control over the content that is being handled, so care must be taken for what purposes it is used.

If you have a personal call, a work call, or even a conversation for some use, you can use this method. It is very simple to perform, despite the fact that the devices do not show their main functions.

To record calls on Android you must follow the steps that we will show you, in this case you must do it without having to download applications.

  1. Go to the menu of your mobile device and enter ” Settings“.

Go to “Settings”

  1. Then, in the options that appear, choose “ Call settings”.

Choose “Call settings”

  1. In this window, you should look for a section that says ” Other Settings.” Then touch where it says ” Automatic call recording ” and proceed to activate it. This will record all incoming calls and store them in a folder.

Automatic call recording

  1. If you want something more personalized, you can see that the previous window will show some options, among them: “Call recording notification“, to send you a message each time you make a recording. Another is ” Automatic recording settings or settings “, to opt for customizing the numbers you want to be recorded. From there you can also choose ” All numbers “.

Using CRS Call Recorder

Another way that will allow you to carry out the recording process is with a tool installed on your cell phone. CRS Call Recorder will allow you to record calls quickly and easily. With this you can decide which ones you want to record, since every time you make a call you will see the application icon floating during the call.

You can also synchronize it to save your files in Google Drive, so that it does not take up a lot of space on your device.

CRS Call Recorder

  1. The first thing you have to do is look for the App in your Play Store, download it and configure it to your liking.
  2. You have three (3) recording methods: manual, automatic, and chosen contact. Well, you can choose how calls are recorded, either by microphone or through a speaker. You can even select the format in which you want to store your recordings.
  3. If you have chosen the custom contacts option, every time a call comes in or goes out from that person, it will start recording automatically.
  4. If you chose to record automatically, when you call you will see the application symbol, just press it to start the action. If you want to stop, you just have to press it again and that’s it.

Is it legal to record telephone conversations?

Recording is an increasingly accessible, simple and frequent resource. Then this fact will always depend on social behavior, that is, for what purposes it is used and how it is used. It is also necessary to be very clear that this is also influenced by where you are, since each one has its own laws and in some this fact is usually illegal, while in others it is not.

Legality of this action

In Spain, for example, this process is natural, as long as the person participates in the conversation. Otherwise, the Fundamental Right to the secrecy of communications contained in article 18.3 of the Spanish Constitution would be violated. This is because it is a third party who disclosed the content. When this is the case and it is used to give a sample of what has been said, it is up to the authorities to make the recording valid.

What are the best apps to record calls from your Android device?

One of the benefits of technology is that it is being updated and with it mobile phones. However, there are still some devices that do not accept doing this, although, if you want to know how to do it, you can choose to download an application from the Play Store that suits your device.

You just have to find the best one for you . So if you want to know how to record calls on Android, in this part we show you a series of tools that we have selected for you.

1- Google Voice

Google Voice

Google allows you to activate this service from its own system and record calls easily and simply. The best thing is that it is native to Android, so it will not present you major problems when installing and using it.

To enjoy this function you just have to press the number (4), also to finish. When you save it, it will give you an MP3 file to listen to again. It should be noted that it can only be used with incoming calls .

2- Call Recorder

Call Recorder

This platform has a very varied interface when making recordings, it allows you to change the recording format, choose the quality with which you want to save it, create a note in the recording, or put it as a favorite.

Its main benefit is that it is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, which would let you save conversations in the cloud. Its disadvantage is that it has a lot of advertising, although you can use the Premium version and forget about the annoying ads.

3- Smart Autocall Recorder

Smart Autocall Recorder

This tool is a bit more complete than Google Voice, since it brings with it several additional functions, such as uploading a file that you have recorded to different online storage services.

It also allows you to record in various formats and even customize the settings. It is completely free and has an easy-to-use interface . Use it when you do not remember what was said in the conversation or when you want to hear the voice of a special person.

4- Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

This application has a great capacity to record calls automatically, that is, it does not require prior activation since you can do it through its extensive configuration. It also offers other functions such as sharing, playing, deleting and renaming stored files. It also has different formats and strategies to carry out this action.


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