Can you password protect photos on iphone

Can you password protect photos on iphone.Protecting your data from malicious people is of paramount importance today. If you have a password , PIN, or face unlock, you can feel safe enough not to worry about a thing. While it is true that data is in an “iron barrel” when the smartphone is locked, the same cannot be said when it is unlocked. A joke from friends or a hypothetical theft could lead to leaks of important data such as, for example, images. There is no official way provided directly by Apple to password protect photos on iphone., but in this guide we will suggest simple tricks to get around the problem.

Can you password protect photos on iphone

Can you password protect photos on iphone

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  1. Hide a photo from the gallery
  2. Set time lock
  3. Third Party App

3.1. Hide AlgoTwist private secret photos

3.2. FortKnox

3.3. Hide Secret Photos KeepSape

Hide a photo from the gallery/Can you password protect photos on iphone.

You can hide a photo from the iPhone gallery by following a few very simple steps:

  • open the gallery and search for the photo you want to hide
  • press the share icon
  • scroll down, click on Hide and then confirm

Unfortunately the image will disappear from the collections and remain visible in the Albums.

Set time lock

An alternative solution is to time lock using the Usage Time section in the iPhone settings. We remind you that this procedure can be applied safely to any other app, so feel free to protect messages, contacts and apps related to finance. The steps are short and simple:

  • go to Settings> Screen time
  • select App Restrictions and click Add Usage Restrictions
  • select Creativity> Photos and then click Next
  • select the desired time and activate the checkbox Block at the end of the limit

After the set time has elapsed, iPhone will notify you that to continue using the gallery you need to enter the password. Therefore, if someone gets into possession of your smartphone, they will have very little hope of finding and sharing important private content.

Through Third party apps/Can you password protect photos on iphone

Now we come to third-party solutions that allow total protection of the photos on the iPhone. These are absolutely safe apps that comply with Apple’s security policies. In some cases, however, not all the functions they offer are free, running into advertisements or in-app purchases is not all that rare.

Hide AlgoTwist private secret photos

Among the apps to protect photos and videos it is perhaps the best. Algo Twist Secret Photos has no ads and no in-app purchases. The UI is essential, practically reminiscent of the iPhone Photos app. It also implements a section for safe browsing.


FortKnox allows you to protect not only images , but also videos , music and files of all kinds. At the first configuration FortKnox asks you to enter a PIN to protect the files and if necessary to activate the FaceID . Using it is very simple, just import the photos into the app and specify that you want to delete them from the gallery. Unfortunately the app is not free. It offers a two-week trial version . In any case, the price for those who seriously need it is not excessive.

Hide Secret Photos KeepSape

Keep Safe is among the top rated apps. This is probably due not only to the functions, but also to the clean , simple and customizable UI . It allows you to protect photos , videos but also to take and record them directly from the app. Important and not negligible is the possibility of synchronizing data with iCloud .


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