How To pin website to the Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar is one of the favorite elements of many users of the Microsoft operating system, since it is possible to pin favorite applications there to always have them at hand. When we surf the Internet, we usually do the same with our favorite sites, since current browsers allow us to save them in bookmarks so that we also always have them at hand. Well, now we can fix one of those websites that we like so much in the Windows 10 taskbar and we are going to explain it to you right now.

Having access to websites that we use on a daily basis can be of great help, since it will not be necessary to open a browser window, type the name of the site or search for it among the favorites to access them. In this way, if we have a direct access to them from the Windows 10 taskbar, just one click will be enough to enter them directly .

Depends on the browser

Although most people use Chrome on their computer, it is true that not everyone and this anchoring system may vary slightly depending on whether we use one or the other browser, so we are going to see all the most used possibilities in this topic to know as it is done in each one of them.

Google Chrome

As is evident, we start with the most used browser in the world today, such as Google Chrome. To get our favorite websites on the taskbar, we must follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to click on the Chrome menu (three vertical dots in the upper right).
  • Then click on More Tools to then click on Create shortcut .
  • Then a window will appear where we can change the name of the shortcut and even indicate that it will be like a window. Click on Create .
  • Once this is done, this shortcut will appear on the desktop and we only have to click on the access icon and drag it over the Windows 10 taskbar or press it with the right button of our mouse and choose the option Anchor to the bar of homework.

In this way we will already have all the shortcuts we want on the Windows 10 taskbar thanks to Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

We can also use Microsoft Edge to have direct access to each of the websites that we use the most so that with a single click we already have them on the screen.

The steps that we must follow are very simple and it is done very quickly.

  • We open Microsoft Edge .
  • Click on the three buttons at the top right of the Edge to enter the menu and look for where to put More Tools .
  • Then another tab will open where we must click on Anchor to the taskbar .
  • Another window will appear in which we can change the name of the shortcut that we are going to create. Once we have the name, we only have to click on Set and we can see that it goes directly to the taskbar of our Windows 10 operating system.

Mozilla Firefox

With Mozilla Firefox we can also create a shortcut on our desktop, which we can anchor to the taskbar to ensure that we have that website at hand and that it is Firefox who executes it every time we press the corresponding icon.

The way to achieve this is somewhat more complicated than in the previous cases. We must follow these steps:

  • We must look for Firefox in the search box that Windows has on the taskbar.
  • When it appears on the screen, we must click on the browser icon with the right button of our mouse and click on Open File Location.
  • In the location that appears, we advise you to right-click with the mouse on the icon, click Copy and then Paste on the Desktop. We can also give Create shortcut and it will automatically place it on the desktop.
  • In the shortcut that we have created, we click the right mouse button again and go to Properties .
  • At that time we must look at the Direct Access tab and that there is a place where it says Destination . There we see that we have the address of the Firefox file, because after the quotation marks, we leave a space and put -url and the address of the web that we want to open with this browser. For example: ” C: Program Files (x86) Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -url
  • From now on, every time you enter that access, Firefox will open with the website that you have indicated.
  • Now we just have to click the right mouse button again and click on Anchor to the taskbar , so that it is already fixed in that place.


In order to have a shortcut to Opera in the taskbar, we must carry out a series of steps that are practically the same as those we have already seen in Firefox.

  • We look for Opera in the part of the taskbar intended for it.
  • Then we right-click on the Opera icon that comes out and select Open Location .
  • Then we right-click on the Opera icon in this new window and select Create shortcut , which will be created directly on the desktop.
  • It is time to click again with the right button of our mouse on that newly created shortcut and choose the Properties option .
  • At that time we must have the Direct Access tab on the screen and we will see where it says Destination , which is where the address of the Firefox file is, because after the quotation marks, we leave a space and put -url and the address of the web of the place we want that opens when you press this icon. For example: “C: Program Files (x86) Operalauncher.exe” -url
  • From now on, when we press this icon, the page we have selected will open and the first time Opera will ask us if we want to open it.
  • Now we click again with the right mouse button on the icon and select Anchor to the taskbar , so that it is already fixed in that place.


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