How to configure the taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10 is so far Microsoft’s most recent official operating system, which has brought many changes to the user interface , as well as a good number of new options and features that have been changing and improving over time thanks to its constant updates.

In this post we will be talking about one of the most important tools when it comes to managing the tasks that we are executing simultaneously on our system, in fact all operating systems include this tool in their interface, so we can consider so far which is essential, we are referring to the taskbar.

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  1. What is the taskbar for on Windows 10 computers?
  2. What are the benefits of having applications on your PC’s taskbar?
  3. How can I add a new program to my computer’s taskbar?
    1. an app
    2. A file
  4. What other configurations can we make to the Windows taskbar?
    1. Customize color
    2. Modify transparency
    3. Manage multiple displays

What is the taskbar for on Windows 10 computers?

The taskbar has a vital utility to manage our system more comfortably, through it we can manage the applications that we are running simultaneously on our system, and we can even have access to those tasks that are running in the background , We can also see here the notifications and the status of our system.

One of the elements located on the task bar is the start menu , which when displayed will allow us to access all the applications that we have installed on our system. It is also composed of the quick launch bar in which we can see the shortcuts to the applications that we configure to appear here, however, Windows adds some applications by default .

In this area we can also see the miniatures of the windows that we have minimized, so that we can easily locate them to access them when we need it.

Finally, on the right side of the taskbar we have the notification area or system tray , in this area the status notifications of the applications that run in the background are shown. We can see icons of some applications and if we press them we can see what they are communicating related to the application to which they correspond.

The notification area contains the section dedicated to showing the date, time, calendar, network connection status, weather, audio and in some versions of Windows 10, a notification manager to configure those we want to keep and which ones we don’t interested in having in this area.

What are the benefits of having applications on your PC’s taskbar?

The greatest benefit that this bar integrated in our system gives us is the ability to have a large number of applications, notifications and accesses at hand in a fast and organized way without having to navigate through all the windows and categories of our operating system to find what we are looking for. This way we can have the information organized so that from here we can have control and monitoring of the vital aspects of our system. We can also customize it to our liking, adding and removing elements to optimize the benefit that we can get from the interface of our system .

How can I add a new program to my computer’s taskbar?

As we have mentioned, the Windows taskbar is fully customizable, we can add and delete items and files to have quick access to them from the bar, so we will explain the process to follow to add applications and files.

an app

Basically, we have two ways to do it , one of them is by locating the shortcut of the application that we want to add to the taskbar and right-clicking on it and in the drop-down menu select the option ” Pin to taskbar “.

The other way is by clicking on the application’s shortcut and without releasing it ” Drag it ” and drop it on the taskbar, in this way it will be integrated into the bar and you will be able to access it from there.

A file

Anchoring a folder or file is extremely simple, you only have to position yourself over the file to anchor and with the mouse cursor select it, without releasing the right mouse button, drag it over a free area of ​​the taskbar until you see a small notification that It says ” Pin to taskbar s”, when you see that notification, drop the file and voila, it will be pinned to the taskbar and you can see it at all times to access it. The process with the folders of your personal files is exactly the same , you can add the ones you need.

However, it is recommended not to reload the taskbar with unnecessary applications and files, since the more elements the bar manages, then it will consume more virtual memory and this will reduce the performance of other applications or processes that we are running and we may experience a bit of instability. in our operating system , so it is recommended to have the necessary items on the taskbar .

What other configurations can we make to the Windows taskbar?

There are several options that we have at hand to reconfigure and customize the taskbar of our system , now we will talk about 3 of the most used so that you can try them and you can optimize this vital area of ​​your system.

Customize color

Customizing the color of the taskbar is very simple, you must first go to the start of your system, then enter ” Settings ” and select the option ” Personalization “, then look in the menu on the left for the section ” Colors ” , go there and select the option ” Color “, and then choose ” Custom “.

A very important step is to choose the “Dark” mode in the ” Windows default mode ” section, since otherwise it will not allow us to change the color of the bar. We keep going down and choose one of the colors from the palette that is shown to us, we can also choose a ” Custom Color “, from where you can choose a solid color and even if you handle the terms select a hexadecimal color code if you click on ” More ” , finally select the color and press accept.

To apply the color you must select the option ” Start, taskbar and activity center” , since Windows manages these three elements as one.

It only remains to accept and apply the changes you have made and you will be able to see how the taskbar adopts the color you just chose, as well as the background color of the start and the activity center, to combine the color between these three elements.

Modify transparency

This is a highly requested effect by Windows 10 users, since the transparency effect combined with a color related to the desktop background you are using can make the look of your interface look very striking and unique , so you We will tell you what are the steps you must follow to apply this effect to your taskbar.

First, you must go to the ” Start ” and then to the ” Settings ” section , then you must go to the ” Personalization ” category and look for ” Colors ” in the left menu, then on the right side locate the ” Effects of transparency “and this is where you can add or remove transparency in the taskbar if you slide the control to the” On ” position . Another item that you can apply transparency to from here is the start menu.

Manage multiple displays

From the task bar you can also manage different screens or in this case “Desktops” to keep your information better organized, and you can even manage each desktop as a different profile to another, with icons, shortcuts, bar colors and each of the elements in a personalized way according to the use that you are going to give them.

To create several desktops you will have to click on the ” Task view ” button , you will be shown the interface of the tasks running at that moment and you will have to click on ” New desktop “, you can customize the name of the desktop with something related to the activity that you are going to develop in it, then select it and you will see that you will have a new desktop without open applications , just open the applications that you are going to use on that desktop according to the activity that you are going to develop.

If you want to switch between one desktop and another, click ” Task View ” again and you will be able to choose the desktop where you want to continue your activities.

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