How to fix the bug that slows down Google Chrome

Google Chrome slowing down is a common problem, it can be due to different factors that slow down this powerful browser. Let’s see how we can solve this failure .

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  1. What are the most common causes of Google Chrome being very slow and how to detect it?
    1. Internet connection failures
    2. Hardware acceleration is not activated
    3. Cache accumulation
    4. Excess extensions
  2. Quick solutions to speed up your Google Chrome on mobiles and computers
    1. Constantly update your browser
    2. Clear the cache
    3. Activate basic mode
    4. Configure page preload

What are the most common causes of Google Chrome being very slow and how to detect it?

Google Chrome is one of the browsers most used by people, the truth is that this browser tries to make searching it easier and easier, but if we have to wait for it to do its functions, it makes us want to use another. What could be happening with Google Chrome? Let’s see

Internet connection failures

This greatly influences the speed of Chrome, so you must make sure you have a good connection , if you are using Wi-Fi there are several factors that can influence, such as the distance you are from the router or the obstacles between your device and the internet source. . So first check that you have a good connection speed .

Hardware acceleration is not activated

This is a function that allows jobs to be delegated to the Graphic Card or Graphic Card , in this way the CPU makes less effort and the result is a higher performance in the functions of our electronic device. If it is not active it could be the cause of Google Chrome slowing down

Cache accumulation

Cache storage helps the process to be faster when looking for information again, since the information or data is stored in a place where it is easier to access. But as with everything, if we exceed the cache this will have its negative consequences, such as slowing down the work of our phone or computer, so it is good that we check this from time to time.

Excess extensions

It is very true that there are really useful Google Chrome extensions , but it is also true that their use causes the consumption of RAM memory to increase, and if we abuse them, imagine the consequences!

Quick solutions to speed up your Google Chrome on mobiles and computers

We have already seen possible causes of the slowdown of Google Chrome on mobiles and computers, now if we go to the solutions.

Constantly update your browser

It is important that you make sure that you have a browser up to date, apart from the fact that you will enjoy the new options that are added to each version, each update also comes with improvements of some detail that makes the browser not work as we want, so when constantly updating your browser to ensure that it works effectively.

Clear the cache

It is good that from time to time you go to: More Tools, Clear Navigation Data, so you will be freeing up space on your electronic device and its performance will be better, you will notice it when using your browser.

Activate basic mode

The basic mode will help us so that when we enter a web page and there is a lot of multimedia, it does not play immediately . In this way, by not reproducing, you will have as a result that the loading speed of the page is faster . You just have to open Google Chrome and give settings and you will see the Lite Mode option, this will help the initial load to be much faster.

Configure page preload

If you activate the prediction of the pages that you may be looking for, you will make Google Chrome open what you are looking for faster. This option gives Chrome an idea of ​​what more or less you want to open . Open Chrome, go to settings, then privacy and security and choose: Preload pages to speed up browsing. For more information you can enter Google Help .

Other ways to improve the operation of our equipment to navigate faster

As we saw, these are four ways to increase the operation of our equipment to navigate faster, but we are going to see what other way we can help.

Install reliable antivirus

One of the most common risks of surfing the internet is running into a malicious virus that causes performance to drop significantly, that is why it is vital that we have a good antivirus and thus keep our computer in good condition.

How to check my internet speed from Android and Windows?

The easiest way to check your internet speed is by doing a speed test. In any internet site you will find various tests, you just have to choose a good one, here is this tutorial that will help you perform this test .

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