How to use Bits on Twitch to reward your favorite streamers

Twitch is one of the fashionable platforms to make streamers , live broadcasts of anything. From Just Chatting to live video game broadcasts. And you can subscribe and support creators but you can also use the Twitch Bits that allow people to donate to show that you value their content.

A kind of donation for streamers that any user can make and that works in a similar way to the TikTok balance. We explain how to send these gifts, how to buy them or how to configure them.

What are Twitch bits?

Bits are a kind of virtual gift that you can buy on Twitch to support streamers in their broadcasts. It is an option to “interact” with streamers and donate money as a “prize” or to value what they do. That is, you can send money to these people who broadcast live if you think they deserve it. During the live show, you send the Bits with a “Cheermote” as we will explain in the next few paragraphs. But its purpose is to reward the streamer and value their work by offering something in return, beyond the subscription.

How does it help? From the Twitch page they explain: “Cheering makes Twitch chat more interesting for the entire community. Cheering lets you speak up in chat with animated emoticons and express your enthusiasm through extensions and interactive bookmarks. ”

Who can send or receive Bits?

You can send Bits if you have to have a Twitch account and if you have previously purchased them, as we will explain in the next few paragraphs. Who can receive them? As explained from the Twitch website, “Cheering is automatically activated for new partners and affiliates.” So you will only have to have this charge in the streaming service to manage and receive them.

Cheer with Bits

Bits are sent through Cheers. It may seem complex to understand but it is simple. You do not buy Cheers with Bits and send them, but a Cheer is a kind of gift card with the amount you want. It is the wrapper to send that money (those bits) to the streamer to reward it. A cheer is a chat message that uses the Bits and you can choose how many you include in each send you make.

What are Cheermotes? There are animated emoticons, animated versions of emoticons … You can send a Cheermote with 1, with 1000, with 5,000 but you can also choose the exact amount you want to send

To send Cheers, the steps are as follows:

  • Click the Bits icon in the chat window
  • Select the Cheermote you want to use
  • Choose the amount of Bits you want to share

Another option to do it is:

Write “Cheer” in the chat , followed by the number of bits you are going to use. That is, as explained from Twitch, you will send 100 bits if you type cheer100 in the chat. Here you run the risk of being wrong if you want to send 100 and put 1000, for example. But there is a five second countdown to final submission so you can be quick and cancel before it goes live.

When sending them, you will be able to choose between Cheermotes that include gems, faces, hearts. Also, the more Bits the Cheermote includes, the more expressive it will be . And you will be able to unlock emblems on Twitch in that broadcast

Buy bits

You can buy bits using regular credit cards or with other payment methods like Amazon Pay or PayPal, for example. You will need to buy them in advance to make Cheer shipments in the different broadcasts you want. Therefore, we must first fill our “purse” with bits by buying them.

You simply have to open Twitch in your computer’s browser and you will see, in the upper right corner, next to your profile picture, the option “Buy bits”. A drop-down menu will then be displayed where you will see the prices of the different packages. At the top of the drop-down it will appear how many bits you have so that it is easy for you to choose how much you want to buy. Choose the amount you want and it will take you to the purchase payment page where we can choose between PayPal or credit card (VISA, Mastercrd, American Express …) and fill in our details.

Bit prices

They can vary in price or have discounts depending on what you buy but the prices of the Bits on Twitch are as follows:

  • 300 bits for 3.28 euros
  • 100 bits for 1.53 euros
  • 500 bits for 7.65 euros
  • 1,500 bits for 21.81 euros
  • 5,000 bits for 70.42 euros
  • 10,000 bits for 137.78 euros
  • 25,000 bits for 336.79 euros

As you buy more, you will see that there is a discount compared to the price of a Bit. All prices are in euros and include VAT. If you buy packages of 10,000, for example, you have a 10% discount. Or a 5% discount when you buy a 5,000-bit package.

Automatic Bit Recharge

If you want to be unconcerned and not recharge or buy Bits, you can activate the “automatic recharge of Bits” which will allow you to always have enough. Of course, you risk having charges made on your card and forgetting to deactivate it. The Bits balance will always be refilled when it is below the minimum you choose and the charge will be made automatically as a kind of subscription.

The steps are the following:

  • Go to the Twitch page
  • Open the Portfolio section in your menu
  • In the top menu, choose “Automatic Bit Recharge”
  • Activate two-step authentication if you don’t already have it
  • Choose the minimum limit with which the recharge will jump
  • Select the Bits you want to buy when that minimum is reached
  • Enter a payment method you want
  • Check that everything is correct
  • Authorize and accept

Automatic reload will have been configured automatically, which you can edit or change whenever you want from the same section. You just have to go through the same steps and tap on “Edit automatic recharge” if you want to change the package of Bits purchased or if you want to change the minimum balance. In addition, you also have a button to deactivate it when you are not going to use them anymore.

Receive Cheers: Configuration

As we have explained in the first paragraphs, every affiliate or partner of Twitch can receive Bits and from the settings you can choose a series of settings. For example, the minimum number of Bits needed to send a Cheer message on your channel. Or, the emblems to be activated. What are emblems? The user does not get any benefit by sending Bits to a streamer or any type of prize except emblems. An emblem will appear next to the name of the person who made the contribution, next to the viewer. This way you will mark in the chat as someone featured, as a reward given for the contribution.

Upload emblems

You can upload the own emblems you want.

  • Open your Twitch account
  • Go to the control panel
  • Open the Preferences section
  • Tap on Partner / Affiliate
  • Look for the section “Bit level emblems”
  • Open “Bits and Cheering”

Here you can choose the active emblems on your channel according to the amount sent and what the viewers will unlock. Furthermore, you can choose your own emblems by uploading images in .png and with dimensions of 18 × 18, 36 × 36 or 72 × 72 pixels.

  • Click “Edit” on whichever reward button is
  • Change the name of the emblem if you want
  • Choose “Emblem Image”
  • Search or drag the photo you want
  • Guard

This image you have chosen will automatically appear as an emblem.

Score tables

Another way to configure your channel is by showing a table of scores where the users or viewers who have sent the best Cheers will be there. The best “donors” will appear in a higher table in the chat window and that will motivate other people to contribute by sending the Twitch Bits. These tables can be configured from  Preferences> Partner or Affiliate> Community Recognition and Support> Scorecards.

You will be able to activate them, configure them and choose the interval of the table depending on how you want the best weekly, monthly donors or the best donors to appear since the channel was created.


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