How To Overcome Sadness Only In One Night

How To Overcome Sadness,this answer has been searching in internet very fastly.Empathizing with your sadness is sometimes complicated.Sadness speaks of a pain that has touched our mind, a pain that hurts and needs to be tried.

It would be easy to welcome our sadness  if it were not often seen bad. “There is no time to be sad. Life is one and one needs to be happy and smiling. It’s not worth being sad. ” How many times have you heard this sentence?

It is true that we have only one life, and of course it would be better to always be cheerful and have no problems that will overwhelm our existence. But sadness exists. Because life is light and dark.  And both live in the same space and at the same time.

How To Overcome Sadness;Sadness Needs To Be Understood

We perceive the sharpness of light thanks to the moments we passed in the dark.  Thanks to the darkness, light saves us with its brilliant wisdom. So, continuing to exploit this wonderful metaphor, how can we not understand sadness in the same way?

Thanks to the disappointments, the farewells and, in general, the blows that life deals with us, we understand the meaning and learn lessons. Lessons that will form us as people , as the sand grains form the beach.

Painful experiences are filtered out of a well of wisdom.  The inevitable darkness turns into light. It turns into learning and shows us what we should extrapolate from those experiences. For this reason, take your time to live with your sadness to understand it. To understand what hurt you and what is the meaning of such pain in your life.

Surround yourself with people who do not deprive your sadness

No one can decide what to try. Not with stupid arguments like “not worth crying” … crying if you feel the need! Because it’s worth it, because it’s worth it for you. Your pain has a value at this time of life. You cry if you feel the need. Crying alleviates and eliminates stress. It helps to calm the inner chaos. Pain is flowing.

Listen to the music you like. Take care of each of your emotions . Comprendetele. If you are alive, it is because there is something in your mind that needs to be heard and taken into consideration. Surround yourself with people who can appreciate you and do the same with your emotions.   

People who do not tell you that you are weak because you feel sad or want to deprive yourself of your sadness without having empathized with it. There is no greater pain than sharing the pain itself and that this is not welcomed or worse yet, ignored or despised. The feeling of not listening to or appreciating increases even more sadness and makes it heavier.

Sharing pain relieves you more than ignoring it

Do you remember that time when you shared your pain with that friend you had and that, far from wanting to stop feeling sad, was at your side and in your sadness? Let it exist and welcome it. You talked and maybe the irony took on some of your words or phrases.

That is the true company of pain. The company that welcomes and takes care of. The company that respects the times and is not in a hurry. A wise company embracing the pain. It embraces it so much that it makes it smaller. The emotion calms and the sense of that pain becomes ever clearer.

A sense we never discover when we hide the sadness when we do not approve it. Therefore, embrace your pain and let it hug you. You will experience a feeling of immediate relief when you are in the right company … YOURSELF.

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