How to overcome challenges;10 Powerful Ways

How to overcome challenges.During my beach volleyball activity in the national team I had a serious knee injury . My body told me that it could no longer bear that pain and with the staff we decide to have surgery. It is a bad blow, especially for a player like me who did not like to be away from the pitch even for a day, and on the eve of a season that promised to be interesting in terms of international events.

How to overcome challenges;10 Powerful Ways

How to overcome challenges With Positivism

What positive meaning can this challenge have for me?

And I begin to see my injury as an opportunity :

  • the opportunity to become even more persistent, patient, strong;
  • the opportunity to study the applications of mental training, to attend an environment full of stimuli and extraordinary people who can enrich and guide me in this phase;
  • the opportunity to create a job for my future;
  • the way to learn how to mentally manage a forced stop to offer the injured or struggling athletes that I will follow, a quick recovery and a more solid mind;
  • the urge to know new things.

Whenever you have to face a challenge on a terrain that is important to you, emotions surface together with fear and put you in a state of uncertainty and discouragement.

The word crisis can lead you in two directions: to focus on the risk you can run as well as on any inconvenience or to experience opportunities .

When you decide to seize the opportunity inherent in your challenge, the crisis itself leads you to transformation, because when you know how to be resilient in difficulties you learn, evolve, grow . Change is the only constant we have and if we don’t change there will be something that will make us change sooner or later!

Here are 6 steps to follow to How to overcome challenges?

  1. Ask yourself: What is “calling” you to do or become the situation you are currently experiencing? What is your positive intention? What is the lesson you can learn?

By answering these questions you have already started your transformation.

  1. Focus on your desired state(your goals / what you want to achieve): knowing what you want to achieve gives you an immediate sense of clarity and prepares you to take action.
  2. Handle difficult emotions: be flexible and have courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability and strength to face that fear. Courage is fear conquered, it is facing what happens to you without rejecting it.

How to do? Accept your fear and connect to something more important and greater that will make you move beyond fear itself.

“Averted fear becomes panic fear, fear when looked in the face becomes courage” – Sumerians

  1. In challenging moments, make a new decision where necessary, to prevent the crisis from worsening (by standing still).

Use this strategy:


  1. What resources do you need to fully develop yourself? Once again focus on what you need and what you have, not what you don’t have or no longer have.
  2. Who can you rely on? Who are your keepers during this challenge? The keepers are those who awaken the resources within you, who teach you something, they are your mentors. You cannot have mentors before having crossed the threshold of your fear or your challenge, but here as if by magic ” When the student is ready the teacher appears“.

By facing your challenges with this attitude and looking for the opportunities that are hidden in it, an extraordinary thing can happen to you in asking yourself:

“How is it possible that the worst thing that happened to me becomes the best thing that happened to me?”

In my small way, that’s exactly what happened to me.

All parents in the world want their children to learn to be responsible , to grow up happy, to learn to overcome life’s challenges and to have good self-esteem … All of this is related because a connection is needed in each of these aspects to ensure that a child can advance positively on the path of life.

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