What is the negative and positive influence of advertising on young people?

Next, we will discuss some aspects of advertising so that you can answer the question : What is the negative and positive influence of advertising on young people?

What is the Negative and Positive Influence of Advertising on Young People?

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Current advertising

Today’s advertising has changed a lot in recent years, being much more direct than before. All this is due to the emergence of the internet and the interconnectedness of today’s world . Indeed, the emergence of the Smartphone, the use of computers and the internet at a general level set a before and after for advertising. Even so, to delve into it, it is convenient to know what it is and what types of advertising exist on the Internet .

Current advertising is focused on new technologies, it is direct, in fact, in many cases it is directed specifically to the user.   For this reason, you have probably come across advertisements “Suspiciously similar to what catches your attention.” This is a current phenomenon, but the social analyzes regarding lifelong advertising continue to be fulfilled.

Given this, keep in mind that it is very easy to advertise on Instagram , useful if you are looking to sell a product. On the other hand, if you are looking to analyze the effects of advertising, keep reading.

What is the negative and positive influence of advertising on young people?

Regardless of where the advertising is presented, it has direct effects on people. In fact, this is exactly what is sought when advertising any product.

Effects of advertising on children

Children may be the worst offenders when faced with sensitive advertisements. The nature of children makes any advertising stick in their minds. Indeed, the memory of infants makes the purpose of advertising perfectly fulfilled.

Children will remember the advertisements they see and certainly in most cases understand the direction of the advertisements. In any case, certain adult or dark themes could have negative effects, so parents should be aware of this.

A problem could arise when the infant sees a product that captivates his attention, in other words, something that he wants. Given this, anxiety may arise if your parents cannot provide you with the product / toy, etc. In any case, this only has an effect when there are flaws in the infant’s education.

At the same time, keep in mind that there are ways to remove pop-up advertising from Safari , in case your child constantly uses the computer. With this action you will protect its integrity against any invasive advertising.

Effects of advertising on young people, positive and negative aspects

In relation to young people, that is, people of legal age with more responsibilities, the effects of advertising are interesting. Given this, it is necessary to understand certain conditions of the nature of current times.

In the first place, well-done advertising is capable of quickly attracting attention, often being the first point of contact with the products . Something that can be positive, since it creates the initial point of interest for the user to investigate and later draw their conclusions, but this also has a negative point.

One of the most negative points about this condition of advertising is that it can be misleading . The objective of advertising is to sell the product, therefore, it is often exaggerated to the point of saying half truths. This creates the problem of causing annoyance when expectations are not met.

For young people, bombastic advertising can lead to nervous or impulsive purchases. This can be a problem in these years when most people of these ages are on a tight budget.

In any case, criteria and control are necessary aspects in this world of so many facilities and constant advertisements. It would not hurt either to block all the advertising of the applications on your Android , a valid option if you feel saturated with ads.


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