How to prepare for University

How to prepare for University.Starting high school is one of the most important and decisive stages in any student’s school life and constitutes a change and a moment of growth in personal life , which is why, especially at the beginning, it may seem scary but it is only a matter of habit and after you can enjoy some of the best years of your life. With this short guide we will show you how to best prepare for high school.

The first step in getting started in high school is to prepare mentally, so when you hear about how challenging it is to study or adapt to the new routine, think positive because negative thoughts could increase or cause anxiety and insecurities that could ruin the start. of this new chapter of your life; It is also important to think positively also regarding the knowledge of new classmates as feeling insecure or inferior to others is counterproductive both on a personal level, as it could make you unhappy, and in terms of your academic performance.

earn to organize/How to prepare for University

One of the main differences between middle school and high school is certainly the amount of homework and study to be done at home, for this reason at the beginning it may be difficult to get used to reconciling one’s hobbies and homework; a very effective advice to learn how to organize your time efficiently is to keep a diary or an agenda where you can write down the various tasks to be performed daily, obviously taking into account that it is essential to first perform the assigned tasks and only after having finished them dedicate yourself to your own recreational activities. Another tip is to find a quiet place to study, whether it’s on the desk in your bedroom or the table in the living room.

Find your own study method/How to prepare for University

To be able to study more efficiently it is useful to find your own study method, necessary not only at high school but also at university: the advice is to try to study, at least initially, trying different methods until you identify the most effective one. for you, for example, you can try to read and then repeat or summarize the topics in concept maps or diagrams. Once you have identified your own study method, it will be much more immediate for you to study and face in a serene way the amount of work that will be assigned to you by the professors, which will gradually be more and more compared to studying in middle school.

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