How to open all fast travel stands In Forza Horizon 5 XP

In Forza Horizon 5, XP and Fast Travel Booths are scattered throughout the map. The first tablets increase the player’s level, and the second ones allow reducing the cost of teleports from one location to another. How to collect all the stands and where are they located? We will tell you in this guide.

Location map of all stands

Experience and Fast Travel Stands in Forza Horizon 5 – All points with experience signs in the game

During adventures in Mexico, the player can find 200 experience stands and 50 fast travel tablets. To collect each shield, you must drive through it to break it. Almost all of the plaques are on the ground, but there are some hard-to-reach stands tucked away on the rooftops. To collect each item, you will have to accelerate well and jump from the hill. We find the nearest hill and try to push off from it and fly to the desired location. If you fail, rewind time and try to climb again.

Experience boards are divided into three types:

  1. 1000 XP. Easiest to spot as they are located near main roads in prominent locations.
  2. 3000 XP. Placed in easy-to-miss locations.
  3. 5000 XP. They are located in the most inaccessible places, most often on the roofs of houses. It is easier to get these stands on cars that can quickly develop high speeds (categories A and S), as this requires performing a jumping trick. In this case, the Lamborghini Urus and Apollo Intensa Emozione are the best options.

The screenshot above shows all available stands in the game. As a hint from the link, you can use the interactive map, which shows the guards of experience and fast travel. The player can also purchase a treasure map for real money in the Forza Horizon 5 store, which will mark all available stands in the game on the map.

How to open all fast travel stands

XP and Fast Travel Boards in Forza Horizon 5 – All Fast Travel Boards in the game

To unlock Fast Travel, you need to open the Buenas Vistas House in Baja Property. To do this, you need to complete several story missions and accumulate 2 million in-game credits. It is possible to obtain ownership of a home for free only if you have a VIP status, which is purchased for real money. The screenshots below show an approximate view of all the stands in the game.

XP and Fast Travel Stands in Forza Horizon 5 – Northwest Mexico

Having gained access to fast travel, the player will be able to teleport to his house at any time, but this function will cost a certain amount of game credits. After destroying all 50 Stands, Fast Travel will be completely free. For collecting each shield, its cost is reduced by 2%. All fast travel stands are marked below.

Fast travel stands in Baja California:

  • Stand No. 1. The first plate is located at the very edge of the runway.
  • Booth # 2. On top of the rooftop in Costa Rocosa. You need to jump from a nearby hill, aiming directly at the board.
  • Booth No. 3. The third fast travel board is located at the roundabout.

Fast Travel Stands in Mulege:

  • Stand No. 1. This sign can be found under the bridge, which is located near the river.
  • Booth # 2. We use a car with good control to break this shield. We find the pink roof, and then we climb the hill nearby.

XP and Fast Travel Stands in Forza Horizon 5 – Mexico Southwest

Fast Travel Stands in Tierra Propera:

  • Stand No. 1. We examine the north side of the Teotihuacan temple of the Aztecs to find the next tablet.
  • Booth # 2. The second board is located next to the white tent.
  • Stand No. 3. The next board is located on the farm.
  • Booth # 4. The final fast travel sign can be found under a concrete bridge near the river.

Fast travel stands at Aerodromo En La Selva:

  • Stand No. 1. This sign is located in the hangar at the very edge of the runway.
  • Stand No. 2. Not far from the previous shield we find containers. We accelerate and jump between the boxes to fly through the fence and break the board.

Fast travel stands in Gran Pantano:

  • Booth # 1. Go to Ek Balam and find a wooden ramp.
  • Stand No. 2. Follow the road and come across a wooden shack with a shield nearby.

Experience and Fast Travel Stands in Forza Horizon 5 – Northeast Mexico

Riviera Maya fast travel stands:

  • Stand No. 1. Can be found near the Aztec Temple.
  • Stand No. 2. This sign is located on a dirt path in the middle of the river.
  • Stand No. 3. We find a sign next to the El Taco Veloz restaurant in a nearby alley.
  • Stand No. 4. We leave for the forest and move towards the camp. On the way, we will notice the board for fast movement.
  • Stand # 5. Find a wooden platform with a shield and use the nearby ramp to break it.

Fast Travel Stands in Copper Canyon:

  • Booth # 1. This board is located across the river, next to a small house.
  • Stand No. 2. We leave for the Red Mirador Baldrerama Hotel and follow the nearest hill to find and break the shield for fast travel.
  • Stand No. 3. We move to a small area and find a sign next to the fountain.
  • Stand No. 4. We go down under the bridge behind this shield.

Fast travel stands in La Selva:

  • Stand No. 1. We leave for the river and follow the dirt road to the board.
  • Stand No. 2. We keep to the river and get to the bridge. We will find a sign under it.
  • Stand No. 3. The third shield in this region is also located near the river bank.
  • Booth number 4. We follow to the small island, which is located in the middle of the river, to find the last board for fast travel in this location.

Fast travel stands in La Gran Caldera:

  • Stand No. 1. The board is located under another concrete bridge.
  • Stand No. 2. We find a blue-orange house with a shield next to it.
  • Stand No. 3. The sign is located in the inner courtyard of the pink building.
  • Stand No. 4. We follow to the north of the small lake behind this board.

Experience and Fast Travel Stands in Forza Horizon 5 – Southeast Mexico

Fast travel stands in the Dunas Blancas:

  • Stand No. 1. We find a sign next to a small fence.
  • Booth # 2. We leave for the autodrome area and use the ramp to destroy the board next to the two large tires.
  • Stand No. 3. The board is located inside the concrete pipe.
  • Stand No. 4. We follow this board to the dune.
  • Booth # 5. Now we move to the smaller dune for the last sign in this region.

Fast Travel Stands in Guanajuato:

  • Stand No. 1. There are several wooden shacks by the road. This shield is hidden next to them.
  • Stand No. 2. We go to the northern part of this region to find a tablet in a dry river.
  • Booth # 3. This board is located next to a gray house near the fields.
  • Stand No. 4. Inspecting the area next to two identical houses in a clearing.

Fast Travel Stands in Descansar Dorado:

  • Stand No. 1. This billboard is located on the porch of the house.
  • Booth # 2. We find the orange truck and use the ramp to break the board.
  • Stand No. 3. In search of the plaque, we follow to the area of ​​the farm and inspect the surroundings of the corral.
  • Stand No. 4. We find a billboard at the side of the road

Fast Travel Stands in Cordillera:

  • Booth # 1. This board can be found next to a small barn.
  • Stand No. 2. Follow the red and white houses and turn into the alley behind the sign for fast travel.
  • Stand No. 3. The board is in the corn fields.
  • Stand No. 4. We climb the hill and notice a shield near the bushes.
  • Booth # 5. This sign is located under a large concrete bridge near a dried-up river.
  • Stand No. 6. We examine the surroundings of the red house with large windows to find the last board.
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