Guide to China in Age of Empires 4

The Chinese are one of the most ancient civilizations in Age of Empires 4. They are not as asymmetrical as the Mongols, they have many unique content and advantages, like Russia, but since all this potential has yet to be discovered and it is not easy to do this, this civilization is considered one of the most difficult and inconvenient for beginners. At the start of the game, the only thing players ruling China want is an Imperial official and a few improved scouts. An official is a unit of economic support that does nothing except monitor local residents and give orders, increasing the efficiency of a particular building that he is assigned to control. While they are not busy with this, they can collect taxes from the local population and nearby buildings, providing a nice bonus in the form of gold.

One of the main bonuses is associated with the fact that townspeople can build objects much faster. Moreover, it takes them 50% less time to build defensive structures, and 100% less time to build ordinary buildings. In addition, in the fourth era, all Chinese chemical technologies are free, and their docks are 20% faster. In addition to this, the Chinese can access five unique military units and three unique buildings (but have to choose). At least on paper, the Chinese look the same as everyone else, but the basic mechanics of this faction hides its enormous potential, which is several times superior to that of other civilizations.

The main mechanic of the Chinese is called “Great Dynasties”. The game always starts with the Tang Dynasty, which grants + 30% to scouts’ sight range. There are also three other dynasties that you can choose as the main ones:

  • Song Dynasty: Time to hire villagers is reduced by 55%, the unique Village building and Zhuge Nu crossbowmen are unlocked.
  • Yuan Dynasty: villagers, officials and military units gain + 15% speed, the unique building “Granary” and cavalry units “Fire Spearmen” are unlocked.
  • Ming Dynasty: military units receive + 10% to the total health, the “Pagoda” building and a squad of grenadiers are opened.

To switch from one dynasty to another, you must build both attractions available in the current era. The Chinese civilization is the only faction that is allowed to build both landmarks, which means that if you manage to accumulate an impressive amount, you will receive a significant increase in power. The downside of all this is that when you move from one dynasty to another, you lose access to the abilities and bonuses of the previous one. this also applies to units, although there is a point of interest that can help with this …

China landmarks

Note that the epoch in parentheses tells you what time frame you can go if you build this landmark. Also, do not forget that to unlock a new dynasty you will have to build both attractions:

  • The Imperial Academy (second era) is an economic landmark. Nearby buildings generate 100% more gold through taxes.
  • The Barbican of the Sun (second era) is a defensive attraction. Shoot long range hand cannon and add shooters when garrisoned. Also allows you to explore impassable forests.
  • Astronomical Clock Tower (third era) – acts as a siege workshop and produces siege engines with a health bonus of + 50%.
  • The Imperial Palace (third era) is an economic landmark. Has a large viewing radius, and you can activate it to view the location of the inhabitants of enemy villages for 10 seconds.
  • The gate of the Great Wall of China (fourth era) is a defensive landmark. A stone wall is required for construction. Increases the durability of stone walls and gates by 100%.
  • The spiritual path (fourth era) is a military landmark. All buildings can train previously opened units of any dynasty. Works only for buildings located in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe attraction, while the cost of hiring units from previous dynasties increases by 30%.

Despite the great flexibility associated with the presence of the systems of the Chinese dynasties, the cost of moving between them (given the need to build both sites) is too high. It seems especially hindsight to play as Chinese in multiplayer game modes. Perhaps the Chinese will be a powerful civilization in a team game, when you have allies who can protect you while you develop your own economy and dynasty system.

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