How to make tinted glass panel in Minecraft – How to tint crystals

In Minecraft there are many ways in which we can decorate our home and everything we do. And the objective of the game is not simply to fight with mobs and explore all the biomes that exist , but also to enjoy doing it and create a home in which we can develop our creativity.

If this is your intention and you enjoy decorating more, then read on, because here we show you how to make tinted glass panel in Minecraft easily.

Tinted glass is an excellent option if we want to give everything we do a unique and special touch, as well as being very easy to do. We encourage you to discover how to tint crystals in a simple way, and that you can develop your creativity to the maximum when playing Minecraft.

How to make tinted glass in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that is characterized by being, so to speak, a totally free sandbox to build whatever we want.

And, having no limits, many have ventured into the great task of building great and wonderful things within the game. The game developers take this into account, and have provided players with a wide variety of high-quality materials .

Among these various materials is tinted glass. This derivative of ordinary glass, allows those who use it to freely decorate whatever they want, giving a very special and different touch. Knowing how to do it can be of great benefit to any player, as it makes decorating their environment much easier.

If you want to know how to make a tinted glass in Minecraft, then read on and you will find out how. Of course, you must bear in mind that you must first know how to craft a normal glass , since this is the main material in order to have the tinted ones.

Steps to make tinted glass in Minecraft

Like most materials that we can craft in Minecraft, tinted glass is very easy to create. Next, we show you the steps you need to follow to make them really simple . What you need is a crafting or work table, the crystals you want to tint, and the tint of the color you want. Now, all you have to do is:

  • To get started, open the crafting or job table.
  • In the box in the center of it, put the tint of the color you want.
  • Around the tint, put all the crystals you want to tint.
  • Collect the already tinted crystals in the box outside.
  • Put them in your inventory.

That’s it! Once you have followed these steps to the letter, you can start decorating everything you want with your new tinted windows. Of course, something you must remember is that it is not possible to tint glass panels. If you want to have tinted glass panels, then you should do them after tinting the glass, not before.

How to make other blocks to decorate in Minecraft?

For those whose vocation is to decorate, a great benefit within the game is that there are a large number of blocks to decorate with. For example, we have the glazed terracotta. This block, which we can make from clay, is excellent for outdoor decoration. With its varied designs and colors, you will certainly want to use it.

To craft this block, it is necessary that we have tinted clay , a furnace and enough fuel. All we have to do is melt the tinted clay until it comes out in the bottom box of the kiln, once as glazed terracotta. It’s that easy! You will have your new blocks ready to decorate.

Other blocks and objects that look great as decoration in Minecraft , are the banner for flags, the great variety of decorative plants that are available in the inventory, the flowerpots, the wool, the colored beds, the different types of wood that we can get, among many others that we can get by playing.

Having a great house and excellent decoration within it is one of the main objectives of many when playing Minecraft online or offline. If this is your case, do not hesitate to follow the steps that we gave you today, so that you can make all the tinted windows you want to decorate without end.


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