How to get Genesis Crystals In Genshin Impact:

We explain how you can get Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact and what this premium currency of the miHoYo free to play game is for.


  1. How to get Genesis Crystals
  2. What are the genesis crystals for?

The crystals genesis are a type of currency premium within Genshin Impact . As part of our complete guide to the miHoYo game, in this section we will tell you how genesis crystals are obtained and what can be acquired with them.

How to get Genesis Crystals


The only way to get Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact is by paying real money for them . It is a premium currency and the only one in the entire game for which you have to pay yes or yes to obtain it. Therefore, if you want to get hold of it you will have to go through the box and make micropayments , whether you play on PC, PS4 or Android and iOS.

Genesis crystals can be purchased directly from the game’s own store , in its dedicated section called Crystal Refill . Here you will find the following offers currently:

  • Genesis crystal x60:for € 1.09 (bonus x2 + 60).
  • Genesis crystal x300:for € 5.49 (bonus x2 + 300).
  • Genesis crystal x980:for € 16.99 (bonus x2 + 980).
  • Genesis crystal x1980:for € 32.99 (bonus x2 + 1980).
  • Genesis crystal x3280:for € 54.99 (bonus x2 + 3280).
  • Genesis crystal x6480:for € 109.99 (bonus x2 + 6480).

The first time you buy one of these packs you will receive a x2 multiplication bonus , receiving twice as many crystals as you buy.

Recommended items

In the section of the store called Recommended Items we also find an interesting package in case you want to get genesis crystals. We talk about the following:

  • Lunar Blessing:costs € 5.49 and gives you 300 genesis crystals, plus 90 protogems for 30 days.

If you are going to spend little money on genesis crystals, this pack is quite profitable since the older you get protogems every day (something that you do not get additionally by buying only crystals). In addition, the purchase of Lunar Blessing is cumulative , so you can buy it several more times to get more crystals automatically and double the days of obtaining protogems.

What are genesis Crystals for?

As you can imagine, the Genesis Crystals are used to obtain different valuable items in the game. You can invert them in two different ways:

  • Exchange them for protogems:Genesis crystals can be exchanged in a 1: 1 ratio for protogems (with these wishes and destinations purchases ).
  • Buy special packages in the gift shop:for different amounts of genesis crystals, containing useful supplies for adventure.
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