How to make a good village in Clash of Clans and defend it perfectly

Clash of clans has continually challenged the strategy and mental agility of its players since it was released for mobile in 2012. Many of the players have learned and developed defense and attack tactics to protect their village , what about you? If your answer is negative, here you will learn how to make a good village in Clash of Clans and defend it perfectly.

How to Make a Good Village in Clash of Clans and Defend it to Perfection

At first the village that is given to us to take care of it is poorly developed and somewhat desolate. However, once we start renovating the buildings and placing defenses following the tutorial, it becomes better and difficult to invade. However, if your development process is slowed down, you may not have taken these suggestions into account to have the best Clash of Clans village .

How to make a good village in Clash of Clans

The key to having a prosperous and optimal village when playing Clash of Clans is based on improving your buildings, now, what kind of buildings should you improve? Gold mines and elixir collectors are of primary importance to you, since without them you cannot upgrade buildings or purchase necessary resources.

Although at first you can only access one gold mine, soon you will be able to buy more according to your need. These will extract and store a certain amount of coins as time progresses, and you collect the gold by touching them.

However, it is not enough just to have many gold mines working at the same time, we need the useful upgraded gold stores .

Gold warehouses are buildings that are responsible for storing the gold produced by the mines. In other words, when a mine has all its storage occupied, the resources are stored directly in the warehouses. The higher level your stores have, the greater the amount of gold they can hold, it is good to constantly improve them .

On the other hand, the walls are also of great importance, since it is these that will protect the village from an enemy invasion. The higher level your walls are, the more damage they will take before letting in an enemy brigade. This leaves more time for your defenses to crush the soldiers sent by the looting players.

However, before all this, you should focus on improving your town hall , as it is a very important building. If your town hall is below the level required to apply an upgrade or purchase a building, you will not be able to do any of these things. You must upgrade your town hall whenever you get the chance, as it benefits your entire village.

How to defend your village correctly

The best way to defend your village is by placing buildings and defensive buildings in it , such as cannons or a tower of archers. Usually the first defenses that we can acquire are the cannons, make sure to constantly improve them so that they are very effective.

However, it is not enough to have only one defense building, you must acquire more and improve them in a balanced way, in addition to distributing them in strategic places in the village.

You must bear in mind that four cannons in the center of your village will be moderately effective, but placing one at each end is much better. The same thing happens when it comes to archer towers, placing them strategically or near the most important buildings are more effective.

It is also very important that you improve your town hall constantly to have the possibility of improving your defenses to a higher level and buying different ones. Once you have the necessary level, buy the newest defenses and install them in your town. Both quality and quantity are very important when it comes to defending your village in Clash of Clans.

Also, as mentioned before, you must constantly improve your walls. Depending on the damage your defenses take, they will have more time to eliminate the enemy troops trying to loot your village. A combination of cannons, archer towers, mortars and other useful defenses along with sturdy walls will be enough to defend your village .

If you apply all these tips, then you can attack your rivals in Clash of Clans with peace of mind, since you will not have to worry about them hurting your village easily.


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