How to make soap bubbles at home

Are you looking for the recipe to make soap bubbles at home easily and in minutes? Soap bubbles always keep children amused. We already explained how to make giant soap bubbles to play in the garden.

Now you can instead experiment with a new recipe to easily prepare classic soap bubbles at home. If adding a little dish detergent to the tap water to get the big and resistant soap bubbles is not enough, maybe it’s because you didn’t know you had to use a very important ingredient for the success of the soap bubbles, that is glycerin .

In the pharmacy or herbalist’s shop , but also online , you can find liquid glycerin or even better vegetable glycerol , a very cheap and natural alternative that is frequently used to prepare do-it-yourself cosmetics.

Among the many recipes that circulate on the Web to prepare soap bubbles at home, here is a really easy one to try right away, just get glycerin or vegetable glycerol and concentrated liquid dishwashing liquid.

Remember well one fundamental point: the success of soap bubbles can vary depending on the brands of dish detergent you will try . With a few attempts over time you will find out which one can be the best for you.

Soap bubbles, recipe with glycerin

To prepare soap bubbles at home you will need :

200 ml of tap or distilled water.

50 ml of concentrated dish detergent

1 teaspoon of glycerin or vegetable glycerol

Pour tap or distilled water into a bowl (it should ensure better soap bubbles). Add the liquid dishwashing detergent and glycerin or vegetable glycerol and mix well to mix the ingredients .

Transfer everything to the classic soap bubble container and start making your fantastic bubbles and having fun with the children. If you let the solution stand for a day , however, the ingredients will mix better and you will have better soap bubbles.

Some recipes add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch (cornstarch) to the indicated ingredients, but we have noticed that not everyone is comfortable with this ingredient. You just have to experiment.

In the recipe for giant soap bubbles, on the other hand, a little baking powder is added to the ingredients. In this case, however, these are really very large soap bubbles, so it will be necessary to use specific tools to make them.

For classic soap bubbles, on the other hand, you must not forget to keep the now empty containers of the old soap bubbles so you can reuse them for your personalized soap bubbles.

Soap bubbles, recipe without glycerin

Here is another recipe to experiment to prepare soap bubbles at home

4 cups of warm water

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of liquid dish detergent

Calculate that 1 cup corresponds to 250 ml of water to adjust with the doses. Pour the sugar into the warm water and stir until it has dissolved. Add the dish detergent and mix again. Mix the ingredients well and start making soap bubbles!Do you know other recipes for making soap bubbles at home ? Have you already done some experiments with homemade soap bubbles?

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