How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film. In order to prevent the display of your mobile phone from being damaged, it is possible to act preventively by applying a protective film on it. This is a very important operation that would be worth performing. The best advice is certainly to contact a telephone center where an operator can help you in the application phase of the film. However, in case you have decided to do everything yourself you may not have been completely careful or precise.

In this sense, if the application of the film was not flawless, unsightly bubbles appear on the surface. How to remove bubbles from the cell phone film? We are here for this. In this article we will understand how to remedy such a mistake by choosing to use the right movements.

Air bubbles: why do they form?

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

Before proceeding with our tutorial let’s try to understand why these air bubbles form. The answer could be very simple and intuitive. The reason lies in most cases in an incorrect application of the film. Placing the film on the mobile phone display is not that simple. It would be better to rely on those who are a little familiar with this action. In any case, however, if you have already applied the protection of your mobile phone, but the result is not perfect as you wanted, all you have to do is work on the protection to solve the problem.

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

As mentioned, it is not difficult to imagine why these annoying bubbles form. Spreading the film so that its sides do not adhere well to the mobile phone display will cause small bumps to form. These are data from air that is deposited between the guard and the display. Now that we understand a little more about it we can proceed with the tutorial to remove these air bubbles.

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film. Removing such bubbles is not that difficult. All you have to do is exert a slight pressure on the screen of the mobile starting from the center of it until reaching its sides. Before proceeding, however, it is necessary to be equipped with the right “work tools”. We will need:

  • a plastic card (e.g. a credit card)
  • a microfiber cloth

We are now ready to proceed:

  • place the smartphone you will be working on on a flat surface
  • take the laminated paper and wrap it inside the leather or suede cloth
  • start by wiping the laminated paper across the screen

The advice is to perform not too strong movements by exerting pressure from the center towards the outside of the screen. It would be better to repeat the operation until all the bubbles have been eliminated. Always proceed in the same direction starting from the center and gradually going outwards.

In case our tutorial is not enough, you can also look for some information on YouTube, in order to understand in a super precise way what type of movement to perform.

Obviously, our article is designed to help you solve the occurrence of such a problem. Obviously we are also here to try to offer you some possible advice to prevent the formation of any air bubbles following the application of the protective film on the device display.

How to prevent the formation of air bubbles

How to remove bubbles from cell phone film

First of all, it would be best to make sure your mobile phone display is clean. For this reason it is recommended to perform a proper cleaning of the screen. Sometimes in fact it could happen that some residue of dust or dirt is placed on the display. For this reason, if there are residues of dirt, dust halos, etc. on the display it would be advisable to clean the surface of the mobile phone. Here are the operations to be performed before proceeding with the application of the film:

  • get a microfiber cloth
  • wipe it across the display using circular motions

Once the display is perfectly clean, proceed with applying the film. It is important that this is done quickly and in the right way. For this reason, after removing the protective film from the film, apply it making it adhere perfectly to the mobile phone screen. A great way to prevent air bubbles from forming is to help apply the film with a plasticized paper. In this way, as the film adheres, it will be necessary to follow the movement by pushing the credit card on it.

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