How do you use the 21C digital film and slide converter?

The 21c digital film and slide converter is a scanner that captures films and slides and converts them into digital files. Once converted to digital files, you can edit, email, print or create any number of calendars, slideshows or photo collages with your images from years past. 21c Film and Slide Digital Converter comes with all the hardware and software you need to connect to your home computer.

Step 1

Install the software for the 21c Film and Slide Digital Converter on your home computer by inserting the software from the included CD into the computer’s CD drive and following the guided instructions.

Step 2

Connect 21c Film and Slide Converter to your home computer using USB 2.0 or 1.1. Plug in the converter and turn it on.

Step 3

Prepare your slides or negatives for scanning by wiping them gently with an antistatic cloth.

Step 4

Create the destination folder on your computer where scanned images can be saved.

Step 5

Load your slides or film negative strips in the included carrier tray.

Step 6

Insert the carrier tray into the digital film and slide converter 21c and start scanning by clicking the “Start” button on the converter or via the installed software.

Repeat steps 3 to 6 until all slides or negative film strips have been scanned.

Items you will need

Antistatic fabric


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