How to make money in Disco Elysium

Best Ways to Earn Reals and Sentims at Disco Elysium

Despite the lack of the need for constant purchases of new armor, weapons, upgrade of existing items, in Disco Elysium you still need a lot of money. Virtual life is not cheap. For the time being, you will have to pay for a roof over your head, you will also need to buy food, medicines and other trinkets that may be useful in different situations. Unfortunately, making money in the game is not so easy, so below I have collected for you several effective ways to accumulate some kind of fortune.

In the world of Disco Elysium, there are reals. One real is equal to 100 cents. Therefore, when from the very beginning of the game you will find dozens of sentims, do not particularly rejoice – this is only a small part of the real. Reals come in handy for many purposes. For example, without them it will not be possible to acquire (buy) a card, which is in the bookstore to the west of the Dancing in Rags Hotel. In addition, already in the first minutes of the game, you will learn about the detective’s big debt: he needs to compensate the hotel owner, which is 130 reais. A huge amount, considering that there is not even a penny in the pocket of the protagonist.

In addition, if you cannot find a place to sleep, you will have to pay Garth, the hotel manager, 20 reais per night. Thus, in addition to the need to advance in the investigation, you will have to search daily for ways to make money to pay for housing.

Collect coins

Seriously. Scattered throughout the Martinez area and the surrounding area are a huge number of reals and sentims. You can literally pick them up from the ground. Remember to hold down the TAB key to do this, which highlights all interactive objects. Take your time and walk around the city trying to collect everything that lies unevenly.

Collection and delivery of bottles

Another effective enrichment method is the recycling of found bottles. There is a Fritte pharmacy near the Dancing in Rags Hotel. Inside it is a glass recycling machine that gives 10 cents for each bottle. But the problem is different: you cannot carry glass containers in your hands. This requires a bag.

However, do not worry too much. Go left from the central Martinez square to find yourself on the waterfront. Next to the stairs (from the steps) there will be a drunkard with a yellow bag lying around. Take this bag. It will be used for collecting and transporting glass containers.

Sell ​​unnecessary things to a pawnshop

The pawnshop is located south of the Dancing in Rags Hotel. Here you will find a guy willing to buy up whatever items you bring. Here you can safely carry the handle of a kind green monkey, which will be given by Kim Kitsuragi, various photographs and even a broken mug. The only thing that pawnshop owners are not interested in is the main character’s clothes.

Begging for money from the NPC

Finally, you can literally beg for alms from different characters. Not everyone has money, but a number of NPCs are still ready to provide you with it. On the left side of Martinez there is a pier with a boat, where a rich lady – Joyce Messier – hangs around. Talk to her and then ask for financial assistance. If you ask for a reasonable amount, then you will definitely get it. It is best to ask for R $ 130 to cover the damage done to the hotel. In addition, in a conversation with Garth, you can ask for a discount, as a result, instead of 130 reais, you will have to pay only 80 or 50.



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