Disco Elysium Best Thoughts;Room of thoughts that give thoughts

Disco Elysium Best Thoughts.Disco Elysium was released on October 15, 2019 and unexpectedly received the RPG of the Year award. The ZA / UM team created a project that in many respects repeats the classic mechanics of tabletop role-playing games of the 80s and 90s. However, it offers a ramified storyline and multiple endings. However, the variety of possibilities at the start is not so obvious. This guide will cover the basic points you need to know before starting the game.

Disco Elysium Best Thoughts;Room of thoughts that give thoughts

10 Disco Elysium Best Thoughts

The Locker of Thought is one of the mechanics of the Disco Elysium game, thanks to which you can get unique bonuses, additional pros / cons to skills and increased limits for improvements.

In fact, the game is played quietly without a thought cabinet, but the help for passing checks is quite good for itself. True, there are only three cells for thoughts, the rest need to be bought for ability points, and in order to forget a thought, you will also have to spend 1 skill point, so you need to choose thoughts wisely.

The simplest example – the thought “Rag-collecting” – arises if you cannot approach the hanged man the first time. Upon learning, increases the limit of perfection skill to 4 and unlocks all perseverance checks.

Many thoughts have a negative effect when studied, but when the thought is studied, the effect changes. Below I have collected information about many of the thoughts of the protagonist in disco elysium and what they give as a result.

It takes a certain amount of time to study each thought ( how time works in Disco Elysium). It is noteworthy that sleep time is not counted.

Pilot’s Greet Thought : Empathy +1 with Detective Kim, Police Wave +1.

Thought “KOL-MO-MA-MA-DAKVA” : a small dialogue arises near the hotel, in which you can hear the singing of a bird. After studying: + 3 to perception and minus 1 to the Encyclopedia.

Thought “No guarantees . ” The threshold for critical success or critical failure has been lowered by one (it is difficult to say how useful this is at all and whether there are many critical successes / failures in the game).

The thought “Lonely road home” appears after a dialogue with Kim about spending the night and home. Perception skill improvement limit is increased to 5. Speeds give 1 psychology.

Thought “Fingers pistols” (9mm) . To get it, you need to depict a pistol with your fingers during a conversation with a street vendor-driver. Result: +1 reaction speed if hands are empty: suggestion +1.

Thought “Magnesium life form” : we get from the dialogue with Kuno about his room and the presence of magnesium in it. Willpower +2, logic minus 1.

The thought “An ordinary servant of the law” is the result of a dialogue with self-digging, if you agree that you are an ordinary cop. The limit for improving all skills is increased to 3. Awe and an inner empire by minus 1.

Thought “Bumjackop” – can be selected in the same dialogue, that is, after the first conversation with Garth about the murder, a monologue appears, where there are options “Bumjackop”, “regular cop” and “cop superstar”. “Bomjokop” after studying gives: the limit of the improvement of Awe to 6. Tara is worth more. Collectible bottles are marked on the map.

Thought “Methods of indirect taxation” . Ultraliberal dialogue options give +1 real (money). Empathy minus 1.

Thought “Anti- object special squad” to get it you need to knock out the doors. The limit of all Physiology skills is increased by 1. Pain threshold +1.

Thought “White mourning” . Distance of the camera + 20%. The improvement limit for all Motoric skills has been increased by 1.

Thought “National pride for Revachol” . Nationalistic dialogue options damage morale. Alcohol gives +2 to physiology.

Thought “Dzhemrokskaya hunt” . You will find better quality items in locked containers (do they have quality?).

We get the idea of ​​the TILI-TILI-BOM Center after reading the company’s documentation in the Cursed Trade Zone . Passive Encyclopedia checks give +10 experience points and +2 real (sounds very profitable). Suggestion minus 2.

Thought “The Fifteenth Indotribe” . 10 cents (R $ 0.1) for each green sphere checked (this means all green dots with explanations on the ground). Equilibrium improvement limit increased to 6.

Thought “Another door” is an unsuccessful attempt to open the bunker door behind the fishing village. Twilight minus 1. Unlocked all white Psychic checks.

Thought “Pantograph” . Awe +3.

We get the idea of ​​”Modern racial theory” in a detailed conversation with Golovomer. Rhetoric improvement limit increased to 5. Conceptualization +1.

Thought “Date of birth generator” . The logic upgrade limit is increased to 4. Physiology minus 1 for all passive checks.

Thought “Bankruptcy Procedure” . Failure on white checks (dialogs / actions) gives +1 real.

Thought “Real art education” – you need to paint the wall. Coordination minus 1. Passive Conceptualization Checks grant +1 morale and 10 experience points.

Thought “Social-economic Mazovism” – it is necessary to consider the bust of Kras Mazov in the student’s room (apartment building, the door opens with a bolt cutter). Choices on the left give 4 experience points. Visual analysis and authority minus one.

Thought “Homosexual underground” – in a dialogue with a smoker “look into his soul” (a special line with a chance). As a result, the character has ceased to focus on sexuality (perhaps some new dialogue lines).

So far, these are all the thoughts that I managed to study. I ask you to write to me in the VK group if you want to help supplement the list. For there are a lot of them, some contradict each other, others, I believe, require a certain leveling of the hero.

In general, thought is a very useful mechanic, it can greatly help in dialogues and even become a way to make money. But, some thoughts may be useless for your hero, for example, if he has already pumped skills to 5, and the thought gives an increase in the limit to 4.

And as I wrote above, the game Disco Elysium has a fairly short plot, so thoughts look more like a reserve for the future than a necessary tool in the hands of the player.

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