Among Us Imposter Guide;How to play as an impostor? 

Among Us Imposter Guide.Among Us is a real godsend for those who love addictive games. Many gamers disappear for hours in a virtual, cosmic world. The game is a battle of two teams that have to complete tasks and reach their goal.One of the most exclusive games available on Steam right now is Among Us. Lots of new players have joined the action in this crazy cooperative game. In Among Us you can play as the  Among us Impostor or the Crewmate. Each type of character has its own unique abilities and skills. In this guide, we will focus on Among Us Imposter Guide.

Among Us Imposter Guide

The Deceiver’s goal is to kill enough Crewmates without being detected. You can kill and turn the Crewmates into impostors. As an impostor, you must turn all crewmates into imposters before completing certain tasks.Among Us gives you certain skills and abilities that will help you win as an imposter. Depending on the game configuration, you can have up to 3 imposters in a game. Who is an imposter and who is a crewmate is decided at random. The Impostor has some of the best abilities in Among Us making it very difficult to spot.

Among Us Imposter Guide: How to play as an impostor?


List of impostor skills among us

There are 5 main Impostor abilities available in Among Us.


As an impostor, you can kill other crewmates. Killing a crewmate will turn you into an imposter. When a crewmate dies, he turns into a ghost and a corpse remains. Kills have a cooldown of 10 to 60 seconds and a kill distance of Long, Short, and Normal depending on your game settings.

From the Deceiver’s perspective, the Crewmate’s body shatters and he falls to the ground. But from the Crewmates perspective, the body falls to the ground, an animation is shown that appears in different ways.


One of the best impostor skills is being able to interact with other objects. It is also a way to detect Imposter if you are playing as a Crewmate.


The impostor has the ability to report corpses, this is an ability available to Crewmates, which means that imposters cannot be detected if they report a body.


Imposter can hide inside the vents that are not only used for hiding, but also used to quickly move around the map. When your Imposter is close enough to the vent, the Tamper button is used to access the vents.


The imposter has the ability to sabotage items around the map. This ability is used to create opportunities to kill. When something is Sabotaged, the Crewmates can fix it, wait for it, or ignore it. Imposters can also fix Sabotage so they can’t be detected. If an Impostor sabotages the reactor or shuts down O2, the Crewmates have no choice but to fix it, otherwise it’s a win for the Impostors.

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