How to unlock the secret ending in Little Nightmares 2

Description of the secret ending and how to get it in Little Nightmares 2

Little nightmares 2 is full of mysteries and hidden connotations. In it, the player will have to survive in a mysterious world and learn the fascinating story of Mono and the Sixth. In the finale, a series of events will take place that will shock the players, but many do not even know about the secret ending hidden from most gamers. We will take a closer look at the events that took place in the last minutes of the game and tell you how to get access to the secret ending. Spoiler alert!

How to open the secret ending

Little Nightmare secret ending – What the chaotic remains look like

In order to watch the real ending with their own eyes, players need to collect all the chaotic remains in the game. These are projections of children who have been abducted by an entity from the central gazebo located on the roof. There are 18 of them in the game, which are scattered throughout the first four chapters of the game.

Chapter 1. Forest (4 pieces):

  • in a pit behind a bridge hanging down;
  • in the cave to the left of the large pile of boots;
  • in the outdoor toilet behind the hunter’s house;
  • on the other side near the TV.

Chapter 2. School (6 pieces):

  • at the landing site of the Sixth, after the TV was thrown down;
  • in front of the school entrance near the distant waste container;
  • in the third locker, which must be opened in the corridor before meeting with the teacher in the classroom;
  • in the lobby of the school by the cliff on the second floor to the left of the stairs;
  • in the room behind a trolley with dishes, which must be moved to the opposite wall to progress through the story;
  • outside in a small alley.

Chapter 3. Psychiatric hospital (4 pieces):

  • in a psychiatric hospital in a long corridor near a toy trolley;
  • on the far side of the corridor with shelves on which the limbs of the mannequins lie;
  • in a small room behind the northern bars in the corridor with punishment cells, from which hands get out and try to catch the hero;
  • in the bathroom located on the left behind the room with soap and a mannequin in a wheelchair.

Chapter 4. City (4 pieces):

  • in the sewer, the entrance to which is located in the north of the street after leaving the psychiatric hospital;
  • on the left behind a box on the floor with a mechanism that raises and lowers the elevator;
  • in a room on the roof behind a wooden structure, along which you need to climb up to advance through the plot;
  • in a secret room, into which you can climb through the visor through the far window after descending on the cable.

To collect all the chaotic remains, we advise you to refer to our separate guide , which details the location of all secrets.

What happened in the secret ending

Little Nightmare Secret Ending – Sixth got off the TV

After the Sixth threw Mono into the abyss and did not dare to help him, the girl gets out of the tower through the nearest portal. She is thrown into the real world from the TV in an unknown place and, after a short period of time, a dark double appears in front of her. It looks like one of the fragments of the chaotic remains that children found earlier while exploring the world.

Little Nightmare secret ending – Image of the Womb

The girl’s doppelganger turns its head to the left and the camera pulls to the side to show the players a paper poster on the floor. If you look closely at the image, you can find on it a drawing of the ill-fated Womb – the ship on which the Sixth visited in the first part of Little Nightmares. After that, the shadow dissolves into the air, and the girl’s stomach begins to rumble loudly, as if hinting at the events that happened in another game. After that, the light goes out and the end credits begin.


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