How to Make Chroma Key or Green Screen in Premiere Pro

In this article we will show you how to make Chroma Key or green screen when editing a video with Premiere Pro CC easily . But first we will give you two recommendations that you should take into account before recording the material.

What You Should Know Before Recording Green Screen Videos

Generally, this technique is used using a green or blue screen. The color of these is replaced by a still image or a video. When recording these scenes it is important that you take these aspects into account:

  1. Lighting must be proportional at each angle . In case of low lighting you can improve it with Premiere Pro CC .
  2. Although it sounds obvious, it is valid to remember that no element of the video should match the background color. If this happens, this item will be affected by chroma.

How to make Chroma Key or Green Screen in Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC is an editing program that is part of the Adobe suite for creating audiovisual content . It’s a powerful tool that, in the right hands, can work wonders. One of the functions it has is to insert and center an image in a green screen video . To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Once you have your project open, drag the video you want to edit onto the timeline. Put it, not in the first, but in the second position.
  2. Import the image you want to appear in the background. Place it in the third position on the timeline, just above the video. This will allow you to resize the image to fit the size of the video.
  3. Make the length of the image match that of the video . Otherwise, there may be portions where the effect is not appreciated.
  4. Now drag the image to the first position, just below the video.
  5. Open the “Effects” section of Premiere. Then go to “Video Effects”> “Key”> ” Ultra Keying “. Drag this effect and drop it over the video you want to embed. You can also use the search engine and type “Ultra”.
  6. Open the “Effect Controls” section and look for the section that says “Ultra Keying.” After opening it, select the eyedropper icon.
  7. Finally, click on any portion of green that is in the video you want to edit. That way, you tell Premiere to substitute that color for the image you selected. We recommend that you click on the darkest shade of green for the effect to suit well.

At first glance, the effect has already been configured. However, in the next subtitle we will tell you about some parameters that you must manipulate to obtain the best results .

Tips for optimizing content insertion on a green screen in Premiere Pro CC

If you already chroma keyed the video you want to edit, now is the time to put the finishing touches on it. That way, you can take full advantage of this effect and minimize video errors. To do this, do the following:

  • Open the «Mate generation» section. Manipulate the values ​​of all the options found there until you get the results that best suit your needs. Our recommendations are as follows: “Transparency”: 50 / “Highlight”: 0 / “Shadow”: 60 / “Tolerance”: 50 / “Pedestal”: 100. Our word is not law, so you can alter these values ​​according to each case requires .
  • Now open the «Matte cleaning» section. With these parameters you manipulate the amount of edge that is not embedded in the video, that is, it cuts small portions of the edge of the video figures so that the effect is better. As in the previous case, you can alter these parameters as the case may be, in order to obtain the best results. Our recommendations are as follows: “Shrink”: 30 / “Smooth”: 25 / “Shrink”: 20. We also recommend that you visualize the edge of each element in detail to ensure that you are not cutting more than you should .

By manipulating those parameters, you will make the background image perfectly match the video you want to edit. Of course, it is important that you have a good Chrome Kay study even if it is home . Since that way, you can get the best results when using the green screen with Premiere pro cc.


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