How to make animated stickers for WhatsApp

Create your own animated stickers for the WhatsApp app on iOS and Android

Next we show you how to make animated stickers for WhatsApp so that you can animate your chats with the funniest moving images. And it is that after the arrival of personalized stickers to the popular instant messaging app for mobile phones, it is now possible to create your own packs of animated stickers using two different methods, one through the Giphy website and another more complete with the Sticker Maker application , the ideal option for the most creative users who want to surprise their contacts with the most attractive and fun animated stickers. Don’t miss how to make animated stickersfor WhatsApp .

How to create animated sticks for WhatsApp

Index of contents

  • How to create animated sticks with Giphy
  • How to create animated sticks with Sticker Maker

How to create animated sticks with Giphy

Thanks to the official Giphy website (one of the most popular for downloading GIFs), you can download and create your own animated stickers for WhatsApp; Follow the steps below to create animated stickers with Giphy:

  1. The first step of accessing the official Giphy website .
  2. Now look for the Stickerstab at the top of the website and click on it.
  3. Multiple moving images will appear with no background; download the one you want to use for your WhatsApp chats.
  4. The chosen sticker will be downloaded in GIF format, although this format will not be valid to be used in WhatsApp as a sticker. You will have to change the file extension to WEBPthrough the following link; of course, before uploading the file you will have to modify its resolution to 512×512 pixels .
  5. Finally, to use the sticker in WhatsApp in WEBP format you will have to save it in the WhatsApp – Files – Stickersfolder . To see the file you will have to go to WhatsApp – Media – WhatsApp Sticker .

Now you can share your most original stickers with your contacts; although below we offer you another method that will even offer you more options.

How to create animated sticks with Sticker Maker

Thanks to the Sticker Maker application you will be able to create your own animated stickers with total freedom, achieving the most original and creative stickers for WhatsApp that will surely cause a sensation among your contacts. Thus, the Sticker Maker app is offered as a free trial so that you can create a few stickers and see if it convinces you, so if you want to keep the tool and create lots of stickers you will have to buy the Premium app for 4.99 euros . Let’s see how to create animated stickers for WhatsApp with Sticker Maker; follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to download the Sticker Makerapp through the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android ; As we say, to start you can opt for the free trial version.
  2. Now find the GIFs you want to use from web pages like Giphyor Tenor , two of the most popular and highest quality GIF file sites.
  3. When you have downloaded the GIF files to your mobile, access the Sticker Maker app.
  4. Now click on Create a new sticker packto start the process of creating animated stickers.
  5. Click on the +symbols in each box and add the GIF files that you have downloaded to your mobile.
  6. Add a representative image of the set of stickers in the upper box where it says Iconto create the thumbnail of the pack of stickers you are creating.
  7. When you have added at least three GIF files (the minimum number of each pack) click on the bottom button Add to WhatsApp.
  8. Confirm the WhatsApp message and you will have the sticker pack added.

So you can add these new stickers to any WhatsApp conversation, just by selecting the sticker pack and sending them to whoever you consider. But how can you create animated stickers from your own videos ? Here is the solution:

  1. Access the official EzGif website with your mobile to edit the video you want to use as the basis for your animated GIF.
  2. Upload the video with Select file.
  3. When the video is uploaded, click on Convert to Gif; Set the part of the video you want to use with the Start time and End time settings .
  4. When the GIF has been converted, save it on your mobile and add it to your pack of stickers through the steps in the previous section.

So you can create your own animated stickers from GIF files that you find or with your own videos , in order to create the most original stickers and surprise your WhatsApp contacts.


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