How to make animated stickers on Telegram

Telegram was one of the pioneering instant messaging applications in the use of stickers, which reached it even before WhatsApp. On the net it is possible to find a wide range of stickers on practically all subjects. But you may also prefer to create your own. If you wonder how to make animated stickers on Telegram , you should follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the image. With any photo editor, remove the background and save it in JPG with a size of 512 × 512 pixels.
  2. Start a conversation with the sticker bot through the following link
  3. Among all the commands it recommends, use / newpack
  4. Write the name you want to put on your sticker
  5. Send the file you want to convert into a sticker
  6. Choose the emoji that you want to be assigned to your sticker
  7. Write the / publish command to publish your new pack
  8. Add a short word for Telegram to create a link with which to access your stickers

Once you have followed all these steps, the stickers you have created will be ready for you or anyone else to use .


You may consider that learning how to make animated stickers on Telegram now is too much work, but you don’t want to give up using them. And in that case you will wonder where to download animated stickers on Telegram. The reality is that there are hundreds of options available, but we are going to put you links to some of the funniest options.

  • Rick and morty
  • Homer simpson
  • Friends
  • Stupids dogs
  • Anime Memes
  • Pokemon
  • Super Mario
  • Meme Cats
  • Breaking bad
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Mr bean
  • AuronP
  • Pikachu
  • Funkygoose
  • Yoda
  • Dobby
  • Tom and jerry
  • Gollum

As you can see, there are stickers for all tastes , from those starring characters from movies and series to those that simply represent cute animals. And this is just a sample, since if you search you can find many more models. And, as we have already mentioned, you can also make your own stickers if you wish.


It is possible that you have downloaded some stickers or you have even started to create your own but you lack the simplest thing, and that is to know how to put stickers on Telegram , that is, how to use them in your conversations. The process is quite easy, since it is very similar to the option of putting emojis, which is something with which we are all familiar.

When you are talking to someone on Telegram, press the button with a smile that you usually use to send emojis to other users. You will see how, once the emoji keyboard is opened , three icons appear at the bottom. By clicking on the last one you will be able to access all the stickers that you have downloaded and added or even some new ones.

And it is that when you enter the section to put stickers you will see an icon with a magnifying glass, which indicates that there is a search engine . By clicking on it you can enter the theme you want to find stickers for, to later download and start using them.

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