How to Make a Sepia Tone Image in CorelDraw Photo Paint

The love for photography is something that has been growing as new editing programs are developed that help optimize the quality and colors of each and every one of the images you have managed to capture. Similarly, there are a large number of programs that help design images through extensive and interesting functions that are worth exploring.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a true professional to do this and obtaining these amazing tools are really easy, being able to count on them on your computer or on any mobile device, just like smartphones and tablets are. .

Which program do you like the most?

If there is something difficult to define for photographic editing, it is a specific program, due to the large number of options on the table. All have functions that can be considered standard, but in the end, they implement tools that stand out and that make them stand one notch higher than the rest.

Try CorelDraw Photo Paint

Along with Adobe, one of the companies that also stands out for the versatility and potential of its programs is Corel, and CorelDraw Photo Paint is proof of this. This program, a family of other extraordinary software such as CorelDRAW, is perfect for creating bitmaps with truly amazing resolutions, and incredible tools in its latest version .

Through this program, you will be able to make all the modifications you want on all your photographs, giving them original touches and effects that everyone will love, standing out on all your social networks.

Applying effects

While CorelDraw Photo Paint is great for bringing out colors and optimizing the quality of your images, you don’t have to leave behind the ability to apply effects to your photos .

Effects or filters have been a trend, especially since the appearance of popular social networks , such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which have practically been the most relevant platforms when promoting this type of functions within its interface.

Black and white filters , applying lighter or darker tones, giving your photograph an older look are some of the most frequented by most users. But Corel Photo Paint hides a few more filters that you can apply to give your images the looks you want.

Sepia tone

One of the filters that has caught the attention of a large number of people has been the sepia tone. It is present in the vast majority of photographic editing programs … and how could it not be? If it is an extremely attractive way to give a different look to the images.

This filter bears some similarity to grayscale filters, only that instead of gray tones, it applies brown tones . Depending on the intensity of the tone you set for your image, this could end up giving your photo an antique look.

How to apply sepia tone in CorelDraw Photo Paint?

This filter is generally found within the basic functions of any photo editing program. Such is the case with CorelDraw Photo Paint. However, if you are just learning to use this fantastic program, do not worry, since here you will have the necessary information to perform this procedure.

  • Open the photo you want in CorelDraw Photo Paint.
  • If your photograph is in color, you must:
    • Click on the “Image” tab.
    • Go to “Adjust”.
    • Select the “Desaturate” option.
  • Once the image is desaturated, follow these steps:
  1. Click on the “Image” tab again.
  2. Go to the “Adjust” section.
  3. Click on “Color tone”.
  4. The step value should be 15.
  5. Click “More Yellow” once.
  6. Repeat the previous step, but in “More red”.
  7. Accept the changes made.

Amazing changes with CorelDraw Photo Paint

In this simple way, your image will already have brown shades as a result of the filters applied for the sepia tone , giving it a more original appearance that will surely attract everyone’s attention by applying the different image effects through Corel Photo Paint in an easy and practice.


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