How to Colorize Images with Corel Photo Paint

Do you want to colorize the black and white photo that you like the most? With us, you will learn step by step how to color black and white images with Corel Photo Paint .

In this tutorial we tell you everything about Corel Photo Paint and how you can easily colorize images.


  1. How can you colorize black and white images with Corel Photo Paint?
    1. How to save image in Corel Photo Paint?
  2. How to change the color of a zone?

How can you colorize black and white images with Corel Photo Paint?

Follow these simple steps to colorize with Corel Photo Paint :

  1. First open the program, then find the image and open it .
  2. Now make a copy and create a layer.
  3. On the toolbar, under ” Adjustments“, select the Adjustment Lab tool to prepare the image for brightness and tonality.
  4. Select the « Magic Wand» on the left toolbar and begin to outline the area to be colored.
  5. Go to « Tolerance» on the top toolbar and increase the value; so you will get more colors.
  6. Now click on « Selection», choose a brush from the toolbar and a size that corresponds to the area to be colored and outline it carefully.
  7. To remove some imperfect areas of the image, select the subtractive modeto be able to remove the lines that you have drawn by mistake or without meaning to.
  8. If you want, you can also reduce the tolerance and overdraw these areas. You can adjust the areas that are not selected with the brush. You can also scatter the selected image with the brush.
  9. Click the ” New Object” button in the object manager to create a new empty object layer.
  10. Now select the interactive fill tool and choose a color. If you want to color the background of your image, now select a color in the options bar and click « Apply» in the color palette.
  11. Remove the selection and change the blending mode from « Normal» to « Overlay ».

If after coloring the background or the area of ​​the image you notice irregularities, as often happens with hair, you can use the erase tool to remove them .

How to save image in Corel Photo Paint?

To save the image with Corel Photo Paint, you have two options:

  • Save as a PSP filethat you can edit later.
  • Save as JPEG file.

How to change the color of a zone?

If you are not happy with the brightness of the text or shapes , you can improve it with the tool available in the application:

In this case, go to the « Saturation » tool or press « Ctrl + H » and finally select another color. There you can try different levels of dye .

As you can see, coloring images with Corel Photo Paint is very simple and fast , you just have to follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial.


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