How to use Paint 3D to crop images

One of the characteristic programs of Windows is Paint which, despite the fact that it seems like a simple program, professionals have managed to make great creations with it. With the arrival of Windows 10, a new version of this application arrived, Paint 3D, with which you can basically do the same as its predecessor version, but you can also make models in three dimensions .

The program comes by default on all Windows PCs, however, if your computer doesn’t have it, you can download Paint 3D  from Microsoft’s official site for free. Next, we will teach you how to crop images.

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  1. What do you have to do to open an image from your PC in Paint 3D?
    1. Open it from file explorer
    2. Use Paint 3D’s ‘Open’
  2. What are the cropping methods that Paint 3D has and how to use them in your images?
    1. Cutting of specific shapes and measures
    2. free clipping

What do you have to do to open an image from your PC in Paint 3D?

Normally, all the images that you have saved on your computer will be opened with the “Photos” application as the specific program; however, what we want to do is open these media files with Paint 3D, since that’s where we’ll do the editing. There are two ways to do it.

Open it from file explorer

What we will do is search for the image in question with the file explorer , just open any of your folders to start it. Once you have located your photo, proceed to left click to open the menu, since if you double click, you will open your image with “Photo”; in the menu look for the option that says “Open with” and there select Paint 3D.

You will have to do the above with each and every one of the images you have, however, you can configure your computer so that when you open one of your photos, Paint 3D is the default program with which they are opened.

Use Paint 3D’s ‘Open’

The other way is to open Paint or Paint 3D in Windows 10  on your computer, both programs are valid, since what we will do is simply cut an image, for more specialized jobs, Paint 3D is the best option.

When you have already opened your program, go to the upper left corner and click there, then tap on “Open”, the file browser will open, look for the image to which you are going to cut and then on “ Accept” or “Open”; wait a few seconds for the program to load the image and ready, you can edit it.

What are the cropping methods that Paint 3D has and how to use them in your images?

The program is a notable improvement over its old version of Windows 7, you can use Microsoft Paint 3D to create models  even, although of course, it will not be equal to what a professional design program can do like Adobe Photoshop, for example. Despite this, it is quite powerful for those initiated in this area.

Among the most classic functions that an image design and editing application can have, is cropping and, of course, Paint 3D is not exempt from this option. It has two cutting modes, so that they can be adapted to our needs.

Cutting of specific shapes and measures

The first cropping method is the classic one and the one that people normally use, we select a specific area and then with the “Enter” or “Delete” button on our keyboard, we delete the selected area. This method is useful when you want to remove large areas of a photo , Paint 3D also allows us to enter specific measurements, to make the crop a little more exact.

For this, we simply go to the “Canvas” option in Paint 3D (this when we have our image open) and just below, we will see the “Trim” option. We select what we want to remove from our image and when it is ready, we then proceed to save the changes made to the photo.

free clipping

The free cut method was not found in the old version of Paint and was implemented for the first time in Paint 3D, what the program itself does is through artificial intelligence, recognize the main object to which the cut will be made and also, We can also help you by drawing the outline of said object freehand. When the process ends, the program will cut out only what has been selected, eliminating everything else, including the background.

Go to “Canvas” as well, now activate the “Transparent Canvas” option and also the “Resize image with canvas” option. Proceed to execute a common cut , then we click on “Magic Selection” and proceed to cut trying to make the border of the frames, with those of your main object, click on “Next” and with the “Add” option help the program to mark the contours of your object.

When you do the latter, you can remove the edit with Paint 3D option from the menu , to work more comfortably. When you have already marked the edges with “Smart Selection”, click on “Done” and then uncheck the “Show the canvas” box, you will notice that only the cropped object will be left, with no background. Now what remains is to save the changes and export your image, it is very important that it be in PNG format and have the “Transparency” option checked, click “Save” and that’s it.

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