How to crop images on Windows 10 PC?

Image editing is something we always like to dedicate time to in order to obtain the desired result, in the case of not having internet or no program installed, Windows offers a tool to carry out this job quickly.

Windows 10 from its first version offers us a very useful but basic tool called Paint, which you can update to its latest version . If what you need is to make quick touch-ups or crop the image, this tool is perfect to do them. It should be noted that these adjustments that are made are made with basic tools that are used to color, write texts, erase, delineate, zoom in and even apply geometric figures are some of the components that it has.

The good thing is that if you are starting to browse the world of edited images, you should without a doubt start by getting to know this program that Windows offers.

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  1. How to use a computer’s default photo viewer to crop an image?
  2. How to crop images from Paint in Windows 10?
  3. How to open ‘cropping tool’ to crop images in Windows 10?
    1. Crop images
    2. Crop screenshots

How to use a computer’s default photo viewer to crop an image?

To use the photo viewer and its editing tools we must know that if we use the Windows 10 operating system it is now called Photos . It has the same function as the old one in the other versions, it only changes its name.

In the case that you do not have any other default program, just by double clicking you will open the image with the image viewer now called photos.

If otherwise, you right-click it and select Open with, and select the photo application to open the image with it and be able to make the modification you are looking for .

How to crop images from Paint in Windows 10?

For that we look for the image and open it with the Paint application, this will show the image and all the editor tools , now, if we want to make a cut of any section of the image, you must follow these steps.

  1. Choose the select tool.
  2. Now with the sustained click we demarcate the part to be cut.
  3. Having already selected you click on Crop.
  4. After the cut is done, you save it in save as.
  5. Then it remains to put the name and accept.

In the case that you have an Apple PC, you can also download Paint and install it on your Mac computer without any problems.

How to open ‘cropping tool’ to crop images in Windows 10?

Well, to get the tool to make a cut or screen capture we can start it in different ways, because we need this utility frequently, the keyboard gives us an option with the ‘Print Screen’ key .

We can also access this tool from the Start, being here we only have to write the clipping tool. You can also find it in the Windows Accessories folder .

We can use the execute window with the Windows + R command , then we must write the following in the window: Snippingtool and in this way the tool will be executed.

Crop images

To make the tool perform its crop function, we give the option ‘New’, this will make the image on the screen become translucent, here with the mouse we select the area that we want to cut, the mouse pointer will become a pair of scissors so you know you’re ready to go.

In the mode option we can have access to other interesting cropping tools within the application with which you can experiment, for example, we can remove the background of an image using Paint.

Crop screenshots

Taking screenshots is something that can be achieved after opening the cropping tool, we go to the mode option, here we get different options you must choose full screen clipping to make the print, then you must click again to make it happen the action.

Now you must click anywhere on the screen so that the save option appears and thus be able to save the screenshot to later send it or make the modifications you need.

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