How to Crop Photos or Videos for My Instagram Stories

In the Instagram application you can capture your best memories in photos or videos to upload it in your stories. This platform has determined a specific size for these files, if your material is larger than the size required by Instagram, then you need to trim it. To learn how to do it you should read this article.

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  1. What steps should you take to crop photos or videos for your Instagram stories?
    1. From your Instagram application on your mobile
    2. Using web browser on your computer
  2. What apps do you use to cut photos or videos for your Instagram stories?
  3. What online platforms do you use to edit and crop photos or videos for Instagram?
  4. Why can’t you crop photos and videos properly for your Instagram?

What steps should you take to crop photos or videos for your Instagram stories?

When Instagram was created, initially its function was to publish photos that were commented on by your friends , then it was including other functions until it reached its best hook: stories. With the stories, users can create impressive content for their followers, to these you can add accompanying music .

Before uploading a story it is good to check the details and size of the story. This is very important, because the application has a default size for publications of 1080px by 1920px, this definition adapts to the width of your phone screen.

On the one hand, it is good because there will be no empty spaces during playback, however, the bad side is that if you do not cut the story yourself, the application will do it for you. This means that if the photo is larger, Instagram will cut the image without any discrimination .

This can cause a section you like to be removed. If the end result is not what you expected and the story is already published, you can delete it and make a new one .

From your Instagram application on your mobile

If you do not dedicate time to the content you want to publish, you may miss some editing details, the application itself may even cut the story. Sometimes you can be successful because automatic cropping doesn’t remove important sections of the image, but most of the time it won’t.

Therefore, you have to allow the necessary time for this aspect. If you want to do it from the same application on your mobile it will only take a few minutes. You just have to open the photo or video within the platform and press is to edit and adjust.

With your fingers you can enlarge or reduce the image to fit within the frame. If the image is very large you can concentrate on locating the section that you want others to see, then you must apply the change to save the adjustments you made.

Using web browser on your computer

If you are using your computer and do not have video editing software to enhance this work, then you can use a web application that allows you to make the adjustments. One of the most recommended applications in Kapwing.

This app can resize a 15 second image or video in less than a minute. To be able to carry out the cut you must load the content that you need to adjust to the application, then choose the option stories or Instagram that appears in the menu .

This application will only do the work until the action is completed. Then you must download it and add it to your story. The simple process that you have with this application is what makes it so popular with creators of a production.

What apps do you use to cut photos or videos for your Instagram stories?

There are free programs that can be downloaded to your computer to modify your images and videos, such as Photoshop and These are simple photo editing programs that allow you to resize your images.

If you like to change the size of the photos of your stories from a mobile application, you can use Cropic-Crop & video if you are an iOS user and if you use Android you can try it with Story Maker. Both applications are free and adjust your videos to the requirements of Instagram.

By using them you can be sure of a satisfactory result, you can also make other types of adjustments with these applications to improve the quality of your content. What you should always try is not to upload stories as images that you can see the pixels in a section or in the whole.

What online platforms do you use to edit and crop photos or videos for Instagram?

There are several platforms that help you edit your photos or videos for Instagram. Some can be used interchangeably by iOS or Android such as: InstaShot video and photo editor, VSCO and Viva video video editor .

These platforms allow you to edit, cut and add filters, music, among other things in a simple way and with professional results that dignify your creations. You just have to risk using them to get the most out of it.

Why can’t you crop photos and videos properly for your Instagram?

Many of the errors that happen when cropping a photo or video for Instagram are related to saving data from the application, since if you have this function activated, the recordings will not be of quality.

On the other hand, when you cannot make a cut, you may not have an application or website to help you or your internet connection may be failing , so you cannot make the changes.

Stories on Instagram is a function that is very versatile and wide, since you can not only upload a photo to the story, but you can make a video or several recordings and put them together in small shorts that express the message you want to get across .

Something you should keep in mind is that once you upload a photo to the stories section, the modification options are limited, you can only change aspects such as who can see it and where it will be saved. Therefore, it is good that before publishing you verify that the story has the details you want.

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