How to reduce the RAM used by the browser?

Most people use a computer at home or at work, sometimes there are many hours that can be spent in front of these computers. If you experience this situation, perhaps you have noticed that your computer is slower and you wonder how you can reduce the RAM to make it faster . To find the answer, keep reading this article.

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  1. What happens when a browser or program consumes a lot of RAM?
  2. How to save RAM memory when using the browser?
    1. Through extensions
    2. Accelerating the hardware
  3. How to expand the RAM in a device?

What happens when a browser or program consumes a lot of RAM?

Computers are fundamental equipment in this modern era, with them we can communicate, carry out academic and work activities, we can also distract ourselves by watching a movie or looking for some interesting websites.

If you have been using the same equipment for a while and you realize that little by little it works more slowly, do not be surprised, because this is very common. The problem is probably due to the fact that your computer’s RAM is full .

Like many, it may be that you are not informed about how the memory of your computer works and you should not worry because you are not the only one. What is true is that RAM is a fundamental part of desktop computers, laptops and telephones.

RAM is the main memory in a computer that is responsible for storing the temporary data of a program . The larger the memory, the faster the computer works. One of the common causes for a memory to fill up is the use of browsers on the computer.

Although in some cases the slowdown problems are due to the fact that your PC does not recognize all the installed memory , it is almost always due to the high consumption of browsers. One of the most popular is Google Chrome .

While it is true that it is a very fast, efficient and simple browser, it is also true that it consumes a lot of memory. It is estimated that this browser can span between 2 to 3 GB, which is equivalent to more than half the RAM that most computers have.

If to this is added the habit of opening several tabs at the same time and the large number of extensions installed on your computer, it is not surprising that all this will slow down and make computer programs less sensitive .

How to save RAM memory when using the browser?

There are several tricks that can help you improve the performance of your RAM, some are very simple and effective. For example, when browsing the internet, try not to open many tabs or windows.

It is true, that sometimes we are doing a wide search and we want to have all the options at hand, however, we must admit that not all open tabs are necessary. Therefore, if we close as many as possible we can tidy up the browser and reduce the amount of memory used.

On the other hand, it is common to have multiple extensions downloaded onto the computer. Some were used for something specific and we did not delete them, others are of little use. However, their load and memory space are substantial. It is best to delete all extensions that are not used frequently.

Through extensions

It should be clarified that not all extensions are in the way of a computer. On the contrary, if you have problems with your computer’s RAM, you can use an extension called The Great Suspender, this deletes the data contained in a tab that has been inactive for a certain time.

Although the tab does not close, the data does not occupy a space in memory . The tedious thing about this trick is that if you want to see the information you had in that tab again, you must reload it. Even if it takes a little time, the benefit is greater than the disadvantage.

Accelerating the hardware

Another trick that works really well is setting your computer’s hardware to speed up. This tool allows you to delegate tasks and not take up space within the CPU memory. With this you can help your browser to work and respond faster.

To activate this function you just have to write in the address bar: accelerate hardware and activate the switch . With this you will use less hardware, freeing up the memory of your computer.

How to expand the RAM in a device?

Before considering expanding RAM you should take a look at certain options you have on your computer that can help you free up space on your PC . If any of the suggestions works for you, you would be optimizing its operation.

In case your computer is still slow or you keep getting the message that you have no space, then you should investigate how much RAM you can install on your PC . With this, you would not make unnecessary expenses with a memory that your equipment cannot support.

To expand the memory you can replace the current one or add one to increase the capacity. This is achieved with the internal installation of a RAM memory in a desktop or laptop computer. In case your computer does not support additional memory, you can use a portable unit that temporarily increases the memory.

For this reason, we recommend that you do a preliminary research on the computer you have and on the options that you can access, according to your tastes and your income. Since all computers are not the same, each version may have its own solutions.

If you make good use of your computer’s RAM when you browse the internet, you are ensuring that your computer can function optimally for a long time without any problems.

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