How to find out the timings of RAM

If you need to know the timings of the RAM on your computer or laptop – both the current timings and the set of RAM modules supported by the modules, you can do this using special programs for analyzing the characteristics of the computer hardware.

In this guide for beginners about the most popular programs for Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, which allow you to see the timings and other characteristics of the installed RAM. It can also be interesting: Is it possible to install RAM of different sizes, with different frequencies, timings, voltages .

  • Viewing timings in CPU-Z
  • AIDA64
  • Additional Information
  • Video instruction

CPU-Z is the most popular free program for obtaining information about RAM

If you are looking for a compact, simple, free and informative utility that allows you to obtain information about the hardware characteristics of your PC or laptop, CPU-Z is your choice.

In terms of determining the timings of RAM, the steps will be as follows:

  1. Download CPU-Z from the official site . There are several download options on the page, I usually use the portable version in a ZIP archive.
  2. After starting the program (the folder will contain versions for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows), go to the “Memory” tab. Here, in the Timings section, you will get information about the current timings of the RAM. For example, from the screenshot below, we can draw conclusions: the memory frequency is 2933 MHz (we multiply DRAM Frequency by two, since we use two-channel or Dual mode) with timings 17-19-19-39.
  3. By clicking on the SPD tab, you can get information about the RAM modules supported (separately for each module by selecting the desired one in the “Slot” field) profiles, frequencies and timings, as well as additional information, including the manufacturer and model of the RAM module.

AIDA64 – more information and additional features

The next option is to use AIDA64. The program is not free, but even in the free version, the information required within this article can be obtained. The official site for AIDA64 download is

There are several sections in AIDA64 where you can get information about the timings of the RAM, both active and generally supported by the RAM bars, I will indicate the main ones:

  1. The current RAM timings can be found in the “Computer” – “Overclocking” section.
  2. Information on the supported timings for each module can be found in the “Motherboard” – “SPD” section. The section also includes additional information, including the models of RAM modules.
  3. If you open the “Service” – “AIDA64 CPUID” item in the main menu, in the Memory Type section you will also see the current frequency and timings of the RAM.
  4. The section of the menu “Service” – “Test cache and memory” also displays this information and, in addition, allows you to test the memory, determining one of the key indicators – latency (Latency) or, otherwise, the delay or speed of access to memory in nanoseconds: in the test AIDA64 measures the time from the command to read data from RAM to the receipt of this data by the processor.

Additional Information

The above are only the most popular and sufficient programs for the specified purpose, in fact, there are more such utilities. For example, you can mark PassMark RAMMon , which displays a set of supported and active timings for each installed module and a lot of additional information.

There are both simpler (for example, Speccy) and more complex solutions. Most computer characterization programs are capable of displaying RAM timings.


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