How To upload multiple photos in an Instagram Stories

People can spend hours not only visiting their favorite social networks, but also making changes, adjustments or edits to be able to show their photos and videos. But some of these options can be a bit difficult to do. And this is the purpose of this article, to help you with your different requirements. And then we will show you how you can insert and upload multiple photos in the same Instagram Stories story.

It turns out that after a poor start to this social network, Instagram is currently enjoying great popularity and this due to its great functions. And the stories is one that users use most often. And it is so popular that other platforms such as Facebook have included among their options the possibility of uploading stories from their profile as well.

How to Put or Insert and Upload Multiple Photos in the Same Instagram Stories Story

The need causes the changes to materialize and in Instagram stories they are not the exception and if you want to mount more than one photo it is possible to do so . Remember that on this platform it is possible to carry out a large number of functions. As for example, we can cite the possibility that you have to upload or share YouTube videos on Instagram.


  • Steps to insert and upload multiple photos in an Instagram Stories story
  • Enter Instagram to upload the photo in the story

Steps to insert and upload multiple photos in an Instagram Stories story

Before starting, you need to know that you can have two ways to upload several photos in the same Instagram Stories story . The first through the use of an external application and the second and the one that we will use through Facebook. Remember that thanks to the fact that this platform acquired Instagram, it is possible to do a great variety of functions in a very simple way.

But of course for this to be possible and you do not have a problem it is necessary that you have linked both accounts. A very easy action to do, but first it is necessary that you have an account on each platform.

Once you have this done, don’t waste any more time and enter your Facebook profile from your Android mobile. Remember that now it is possible to log into two accounts from your mobile device.

Once in your profile, click on the camera icon to open this application and take a photo to upload. Or you can also look for that photo or image that is in the gallery and that you want to use and this will be the main photo.

The next step is to click on the icon in the form of Stickers, in this way you will be able to upload a second photo and for this you must choose an icon and in this case it will be the gallery icon. Now you just have to look for the other image that you are going to insert in your story. This will be added and you will be able to modify various aspects of its design and size.

The next step we must do is download the image we have created and for this it will only be necessary that you click on the “Download” button. Now we will be able to share this image and this will be the next step to share with our Instagram account.

Enter Instagram to upload the photo in the story

The next logical step that we must take is to enter our Instagram account , the next step is to click on the camera icon so that you can access the gallery. Here you will be able to find the image that you previously created. Select the image and the next step is to click on the “Share” button.

In this way you will be able to upload several photos in your Instagram Stories story , but remember that before sharing the photo you can add other effects. And by this we mean adding music, lyrics and even stickers so that your story is more striking and pleases your friends.

As you can see and thanks to the link that exists between Facebook and Instagram it is possible to do this or another project on our social networks. But if you have any questions about this interesting topic, you can send it to us through the comment box that you will find below.


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