How to paint in Word when activating the draw tab?

Microsoft Word is one of the programs that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs , and it is one of the most complete document editing tools that we can find. It has promoted multiple functions to improve its performance on computers and applications on different devices.

Word has achieved the inclusion of new services , being a very sophisticated software. This has provided the most support for making digital documents over the years. In its early days, its performance was very close to that of obsolete typewriters. But over time it has found new options and help for its users.

The improvement system applied to the Microsoft Word software has caused its actions to change. This with the purpose of increasing the speed when creating texts. Many of the added features ensure easy layout aids that the user wants to set within any document, such as creating borders in Word .

Among the most outstanding actions that are presented, we can create indexes in Word of works and in the document we can make drawings and images . The drawings in Word in its new updates can be executed in two ways, to find normal shapes or figures and other abstract ones.

How to Paint in Word – Drawing by Hand Has Never Been So Easy

In fact, the drawings that can be made in Word are going to offer a new action that magnifies the usefulness of this software. Managing to maintain its function in most computers. If you want to learn to draw or edit in Word in a free way , we will mention how to follow the steps to create images in the software.

Therefore, it is a guarantee to work in this operator and find solutions in the various documents and files that you want to run.

The drawing tools are very easy to use. Activate the tab in your Microsoft Word program and perform a series of steps that we show you in this article.


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  1. What tools does Word have for drawing and painting?
    1. scribble tool
    2. freehand tool
  2. Other drawing tools offered by Word
  3. How to access Microsoft Word pencil drawing?
  4. How to draw with a pencil in Word
  5. What do I do if the drawing tab does not appear on my device?
  6. How do I draw basic lines and shapes in my Word file?
  7. What else to do to make my drawings in Word perfect?
    1. Use the pre-designed shapes
    2. Don’t forget the keys
    3. play with colors
    4. Use different devices
  8. How to add an actual drawing to a document

Guide to easily create drawings and shapes in Microsoft Word

We can make figures in a very simple way , just by entering the “Insert” option in the Word menu bar. From which you are going to select the icon that says “Forms” in the toolbar, where you can see multiple figures that you can place and fill with different colors.

However, despite this excellent action, now in the new versions , in the menu there is an option that says “Draw” in which we can select and find various initiatives to choose from, such as pencils or brushes, much like the Paint software in the computer.

You will be able to make images and drawings with your talent and imagination , getting figures and shapes easily. In addition to drawing what you want with the new version of Microsoft Word. In fact, the illustrations of these created images will come out perfectly when printing the documents.

How to Activate the Draw Tab in Microsoft Word? – Draw and Write in Pencil

What tools does Word have for drawing and painting?

Microsoft Word documents have many useful tools for painting and drawing. Since it has many accessories, such as tables, graphs and diagrams that can help if you do not know how to draw well. There are also shapes and symbols that can be used to create maps or flow charts.

On the other hand, they also come with tools such as pencils or markers with which you can write just by moving the cursor around the screen. These are called freehand or doodles because of the shape the lines take at the end of drawing. Similarly, you can add photos or images from the device and edit them by adding text, color or symbols.

scribble tool

The scribble tool can be found under the name ‘ Freeform scribble’ . This way of writing is located on the top toolbar, in the insert section. It is next to images, in the forms section.

When you select the free form doodle, the cursor becomes a pencil with which you can draw by dragging the cursor. What this tool offers is that it makes the drawing just as you handle the cursor. That is to say, if moved and crooked stripes come out, it will stay that way, since that is what you have indicated with the mouse.

However, you can refine the drawing you have made with the edit points tool. To do this, you must search in shape format and then press, edit shape and finally edit points. In this way, you have the option of adjusting the figure you have drawn a little if it did not turn out very well.

freehand tool

The freehand tool is very useful when you don’t want to type on the keyboard of your device. This allows the person who is going to write to write as if they were doing it physically on a sheet of paper. The great advantage of this option is that it allows you to draw perfectly made lines and straight lines.

The freehand tool is located in the add section, in the top bar of the screen. Then, you look for the forms part and you go until you find freehand or free form. Then the cursor turns into a pencil. You have the option of choosing the size of the letter and the color of the ink of the pencil or pen with which you are going to write.

When you are writing, you should always hold down the left mouse button and drag the pen across the screen. At the end, you must release the mouse button and the words you have drawn will be written.

Other drawing tools offered by Word

Microsoft Word has a wide variety of tools , the main drawing tool is the pen, which allows you to write or draw freehand. In addition, the program has more, which are very useful when drawing and writing with ink in Word . Some of these drawing tools are as follows:

  • Pens, which we can find in sizes of 0.5 mm or 1 mm. In addition, you can also change the color and thickness of the pen.
  • Highlighter to place the texts.
  • Eraser to remove some specific parts of a drawing, which we can resize according to the size you need to use.
  • The lasso is very useful to select some parts of what you are drawing.

How to access Microsoft Word pencil drawing?

To access the pencil drawing in Word, you first need to open a new document in Word or select an existing one. Then go to the top of the program and you will find the Word toolbar . On the ribbon, you can select the “Drawing” tab , where you can find the drawing pen. To use it, you just have to click on the icon of some of the feathers.

How to draw with a pencil in Word

To paint and draw in Word, there are several pencils that you can select and adapt to your liking. You can choose regular pencils, pens, or highlighter pens and markers to write on the Word document. Similarly, there is an option to choose and change colors and fonts.

To draw with a pencil in Word, just select the pencil you like and the color you want to use. Once this is done, drag the cursor over the part of the document where you want to capture your drawing. There are some figures and images that if you make a mistake or go wrong, Word recognizes them and fixes them.

Similarly, you can create bounding boxes and draw over them. As well as fill and paint some blank space with the color you need.

What do I do if the drawing tab does not appear on my device?

In the event that the “Draw” tab does not appear, you will need to enable the drawing tool so that it appears in the toolbar of your Microsoft Word program. To do so, you will need to perform a series of steps.

  • Open the Microsoft Word program on your computer.
  • Select the document you want to edit, or you can also create a new one, by clicking “Blank Document”.
  • Once you open your Word file, you will need to go to the toolbar and click on the “File” tab.
  • Go to the bottom left side and click “Options”, then a “Word Options” dialog box will open.
  • In the “Word Options” dialog, you’ll need to click “Customize the Ribbon.”
  • On the right side of the “Word Options” dialog box, go to the “Main Tabs” section, then check the “Drawing” option, and then click the “OK” button.
  • Then the “Drawing” tab will be displayed in the toolbar at the top of Word.

How do I draw basic lines and shapes in my Word file?

  • Open the Microsoft Word program on your computer.
  • Select the document you want to edit, or you can also create a new one, by clicking “Blank Document”.
  • Click the “Draw” tabon the ribbon.
  • Then click on the pencil icon to select it.
  • Click on the pencil icon again to open the pen ‘s “Width and Color” optionsmenu, and then you will have to select the color and size you most want.
  • Once this is done, you will have to drag the cursor over the blank page, to draw or paint in Word .
  • To draw basic shapes like lines, boxes, or circles, you’ll need to hold down the cursor while you draw.

What else to do to make my drawings in Word perfect?

In addition to the basic tools that we can use to draw, we can also find other useful tools for drawing in a document on the Word ribbon. One of these is to use the predesigned shapes, or create your own color palette to draw from the color menu.

Use the pre-designed shapes

To insert pre-made shapes, you will need to click on the “Insert” tab on the toolbar and select the “Shape” icon. A menu will be displayed, where you can choose the way you want. In addition, you can change the color and size. To do this, select it and in the “Format” tab of the drawing tool, you can change the “Shape Fill” or the “Shape Outline”.

Don’t forget the keys

It is important that you keep in mind that if you want to delete an element from your drawing, you can use the “Delete” key on your keyboard. The drawing tool gives you the option to use an eraser, since the delete key will allow you to erase elements faster.

play with colors

The Word program has a tool that allows you to create color palettes, so when drawing you can take advantage of this tool and create your own color palettes , so you will have the freedom to play with them. To use Word’s color palette, you’ll need to select elements and you’ll be able to modify the fill and outline. In case they are strokes made with the pen of the drawing tool, you only have to select the part you want to modify with the help of the drawing selector and then you can change the color.

Use different devices

The drawing tool can be used from any device. However, this tool is much more practical on a tablet , since from this device you can draw with your fingers without having to use a cursor. This allows the drawings to be more aesthetic, so if you have a Tablet, download the Word application on your device.

How to add an actual drawing to a document

Word documents have among their options the ability to add real images and drawings. These drawings can be clip art or photos that you have on your device and can be easily uploaded to the document.

In the same way, you can insert graphics and drawing objects into the Word document to help you when painting and drawing. Drawing objects include flowcharts, basics, and curved lines.

To add these objects to the document, you have to click on the insert button found in the top bar of the document. Once there, various options such as images, shapes or Smart arts will be displayed.

After you have selected the shape or image, you must click somewhere in the document to draw it. Having added a drawing or shape, you can modify it by changing the shape or adding text to it.

In this sense, you can also modify the size of the drawings that you have uploaded to the document. As well as add connectors, shadows and effects to the diagrams and shapes you select.

Recommendations and tricks to keep in mind when drawing in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word brings amazing ways to work for painting and drawing. Therefore, the actions of the documents and drawings will only depend on the creations and illustrations that you make. Since each action offered by the software is versatile and helps you have different options to ensure various ways of drawing.

To start drawing in Word, you need to start by making very simple images or graphics. In which the final road is in a short time. Try using shapes with the Insert option, so you can see the different lines, curves, and abstract shapes.

Learn to use the keys and shortcuts with them, since you can easily handle the commands in Word . Also, some ways to streamline the process through utilities that are involved in the work, just by pressing two buttons on the keyboard at the same time, making it easier to make graphics and illustrations in the Word document .

The software comes with enough colors so that you can paint and draw  with the tone you want, without any problem. It also brings a shading and gradient service in the various abstract figures that you want to make. So it’s a given to create images in Microsoft Word and gain amazing design skills.

From the small drawing creations you make, you will take a better flight to establish much more complex images. Since you will learn skills that, over time, will help you and you will not need other mechanisms to obtain an illustration or graphic


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