LG Tone Free Fn7 review

LG has launched its latest wireless earphone devices in the Peruvian market that clean themselves completely when you put them to charge. They are about the Tone Free Fn7 and that we have received for a few weeks.

While wireless headphones have become almost a necessity to be able to telecommute, sport, or simply entertain ourselves with the songs we like, LG has designed these headphones so that you can transport it anywhere without having to worry about the battery .

Will it be a good option to buy them? Are they better than Airpods? Find out what we really think of the new LG Tone Free FN7 .

The LG Tone Free Fn7 are quite light . Both headphones are inside a case that, when uncovered, casts a series of LED lightsthat allow you to know the status of the battery.

The packaging, which is circular, has a USB Type-C input for charging the case , as well as a button in case you want to synchronize the headphones with other equipment. But not only that, but the case has the possibility of recharging wirelessly in case you have one of these devices that can power devices with a single touch .

On the inside we find the LG Tone Free FN7 headphones in white. These have a design with a tail that adapts to your ear, although I must say that I had to change their pad because the one I was wearing ended up falling out of my ear.

The brand has told us that within the LG headphones there are a series of components and channels that make the device provide an immersive sound experience. Thanks to their partner Meridian they make the bass sound really good and the treble somewhat crystallized.

LG has developed these headphones to clean themselves by emitting a series of UV rays, imperceptible to the eye, but only activated when you are charging the case or it is connected to the computer. That means that the light that is emitted in blue violet color when opening the case is simply a game.

Hearing aids, depending on the brand, can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, so you don’t have to worry if you lend your headphones to your friend or a family member, now that many are at home and want hearing aids capable of improve your video calls and communications.

Hearing aids quickly detect when you place them in your ears. As soon as you put them in your left and right ear, a sound will be heard that informs you that they started working , so that if you take them off, they will also end up turning off so that it does not consume battery by pure ones.

In relation to the touches, we find that in the upper area of ​​the headphones we can make the pulsations in order to control the calls or the songs that we listen to.

It is in such a way that with a single touch the song can be played in the app that we have selected on our phone, as well as stop it. But not only that, in case we have an incoming call, we can answer it with a press.

In the case of the two touches we can increase the volume with the right and with the left we can lower the volume. This makes it quite easy to not be taking the cell phone out of your pocket all the time and having to manipulate it just to raise or lower the audio.

In the case of the 3 touches, you can simply go from song to song, in case you don’t like one. Now, the best thing that LG has done in its Tone Free FN7 is that with a long touch you can activate or deactivate noise cancellation, so that if you are talking to someone you do not have to remove your headphones to hear it unlike Airpods .

What if I go for a run or I forgot to remove my headphones in the shower? Well, no problem. Nor is it that you are going to submerge them and pass them the brush, on the contrary, the headphones have IPX4 certification, generating that they support sports sweat and even splashes, that adding UV, makes you keep the headphones hygienic.

Its timing is quite easy. Just turn on the bluetooth on your phone and voila. But the thing is not there . If you want to improve the sound quality much more, you can download the LG Tone Free application in Google Play or iOS Store.

Through it you can configure the sound quality you want, in my case, I used the second of 4 sound options, this is called Bass Bost and this will enrich the bass. Plus point. There is also the immersive, treble enhancement and natural.

On the subject of the battery, the LG Tone Free FN7 have fast charging making, with 5 minutes of connectivity, they can give you up to 1 hour of continuous music playback .

The case gives you around 21 hours, while the headphones, without activating noise cancellation, can last between 6 to 7 hours, while with active noise cancellation the power can go between 5 to 6 hours.

Every time you put the headphones in their case, they charge automatically, discounting the 21 hours that it offers you so that, for example, you can take a trip to China and do not have to worry about connecting the case or looking for a electrical outlet nearby.

The LG Tone Free FN7 can give you a fairly immersive experience compared to others that have the same functions and cost much more.
It offers acceptable noise cancellation, but best of all, you don’t have to take them off in case you want to hear your surroundings. You just have to press them long to deactivate them.

Another detail that I liked is the system of its application. The fact that you can use it on any device without the need for the brand, give it a point in favor.

Perhaps the downside, although it is understood, is that the rays and UV cleaning is only done when you charge the device. That means that if you put them in their case without connecting it, that attractive disinfection of what is sold will not be done.


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