How to mount or open a BIN file in Daemon Tools

Through the following tutorial you will learn how to easily mount or open a BIN file in Daemon Tools and in this way you will be able to see all the information stored in these types of documents.

What is Daemon Tools?

Daemon Tools is a well-known application for mounting or opening a BIN file. The operation of this tool consists in emulating a disk drive to see the content of a file in image format as it would be originally displayed.

Knowing how to burn an ISO image to a Bootable USB  and also using programs like Daemon Tools, is something that every computer user should know, since it is very common to come across files in BIN format.

The BIN format

Like other files in image format, documents with a BIN extension are exact copies of digital information from CDs, DVDs and other similar media.

Although this format has become obsolete, images are still available in this type of file and fortunately the Daemon Tools application can easily open them.

How to mount or open a BIN file in Daemon Tools easily

Using the following guide, you can purchase the latest version of Daemon Tools Lite. This way, you can use it to open files in BIN, ISO and many other formats.

  1. You can download the application in its lite version directly from the official website, which you can access through the official Daemon Tools page .
  2. Press the “Download” option. You may need to press this button twice (it is a completely free version and can display advertising)
  3. After clicking on the download button, the download of the installer should start, wait until the file is downloaded and run it. When you run the downloaded program, the files needed to install Daemon Tools will begin to download.
  4. Once the download is complete, the option “Install” will appear, click on it.
  5. The installation software will be displayed on the screen, in this case select the option “Free License / Licencia Gratuita” and click on “Agree & Continue / accept and continue” .
  6. Continue with the installation, configuring the options to your liking and wait until the process is finished before you can start using the program.

Use Daemon Tools to open files in BIN format

Actions like creating and mounting an ISO image are possible with Daemon Tools. However, to perform complex actions, it is important that you know certain basic tasks such as the ability to open files in BIN format.

Please read the following information carefully if you want to open such files with Daemon Tools software in the easiest way possible.

Opening BIN files with Daemon Tools Lite

  1. The process to open an image in BIN format with  Daemon Tools is very simple. Once you have successfully installed the software, access the program from the Windows taskbar or directly open the App using its shortcut.
  2. To open a file image format simplest way to use the option “Quick Mount / mounted fast” that and it ncontrará at the bottom left of the screen of the application.
  3. Locate the file in BIN format that you want to open, click on it and then click on “Open”.
  4. The image in BIN format will be mounted on a virtual drive that will be displayed under “Computer”. You will be able to recognize it easily because it shows up as a Blu-ray disc drive .
  5. In this way you can access the information stored within this type of file.

This tutorial is exclusively functional for Windows. In either case, there are options available for other operating systems. For example, ISO images can be mounted and unmounted on Linux and other operating systems as required.


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