How to resize my image in Paint 3D? – Reduce and increase

Paint is some tools that Windows brings, which helps us edit images in order to change their size, color or texture.

However, this application has been transformed over time and now with Windows 10 we have the new Paint 3D, which offers more advanced features than its previous version . That is why today we are going to give you the steps on how you can modify the size of your photo using it.

How to Change the Size of my Image in Paint 3D? – Reduce and Increase

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  1. What tools to use to reduce the size of an image in Paint 3D?
  2. What steps to follow to modify the size of your JPG image in Paint 3D?
  3. How else can you resize an image or photo?
    1. Using Online Pages
    2. Installing third party programs
  4. Why can’t you resize your image correctly and what to do?

What tools to use to reduce the size of an image in Paint 3D?

The tools that you can use to edit a Paint photo is using the dots that appear in each corner of the image, that is, when you insert or load the image, some dots will appear on the sides, which are used to change the size.

The other tool that you can use to resize your image is the crop and resize tool, which you can find at the top right of the screen.

Therefore, in the latter you can change both the height and the width of the image, and its pixels , however, Word also offers a variety of tools to draw and edit the images inserted in it.

What steps to follow to modify the size of your JPG image in Paint 3D?

As we said before, Paint is an application that helps us to edit photos, and in the same way, insert them into other Windows applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, among others.

Now, to be able to edit an image in Paint 3, you must find the image you need to edit, then right click on it and open with Paint, then the photo will appear with the aforementioned dots , which are located on the sides of the image These will help you to modify the corresponding size.

Following this, we save the image in the format you want, either PNG or JPG format and once this is done, you will notice that the original image had more weight than the edited image. However, there are also pages on the internet that help you edit your images, without the need to have image editing applications on your PC or cell phone.

How else can you resize an image or photo?

Paint 3D is not only the only application in which you can edit your images , because there are many applications and pages on the Internet in which you can do this without the need for an Internet connection or heavy applications.

That is why today we give you  these two options, in case you don’t have Paint 3D on your PC, you can do it with other programs, without taking up space on your computer.

Using Online Pages

One of the ways to edit images without the need for programs are these pages, since they are of great help when looking for varieties of colors and fonts, if our desire is to transform the image, in turn reduce and modify the size.

On the other hand, there are pages like Canva that allow you to collage images , so that your presentations look incredible.

Installing third party programs

Another way to do it is through programs, since apart from these programs they are free, in some cases, they give us a great variety of options to edit the image, in this way, we apply the tool so that it looks like professionals.

Why can’t you resize your image correctly and what to do?

Many times, we cannot change the size of the image, because its dimensions are very small or because they are in a format that the application does not support, that is why before editing, check that the image is not too small, since in this way your photo will not have a good quality and therefore it will look pixelated.

You must check that it is in a format that the Pint 3D application accepts, such as PNG or JPG, in this way you will get your presentation, work or photo collage to have a professional touch, and not look poor quality, which which causes the presentation of it to be a bit unpleasant for the eye.


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