How to make a homemade WiFi repeater?

Many times when configuring our TP Link router or another brand, we run into the unpleasant surprise that its signal does not cover our entire home. In any case, there is a solution for this, Wi-Fi repeaters. Today we show you how to make a homemade Wi-Fi repeater and other solutions if you have problems with the Internet signal.

How to Make a Homemade WiFi Repeater? – Amplify your Signal

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  1. How do WiFi extenders work?
  2. How to make a homemade antenna to use as an amplifier?
    1. Use a soda can
    2. with aluminum foil
    3. Pringles can
  3. What is the best WiFi repeater that I can get for my home?
  4. Do this to use an old modem as a repeater

How do WiFi extenders work?

Wi-Fi amplifiers also known as Wi-Fi repeaters fulfill precisely this function, that is, they receive the source signal and amplify it. Being specific, a repeater takes the signal from a router and amplifies it so that it can cover more distance.

Although there are routers with excellent range, when we talk about very long distances, repeaters are usually necessary. In fact, before buying a new router, it is best to think directly about a Wi-Fi amplifier that will fulfill the function of amplifying the signal much better .

How to make a homemade antenna to use as an amplifier?

Before thinking about connecting two routers in your network , it is best that you consider the use of a Wi-Fi repeater. In any case, there are some home methods that can help you expand the signal of your router and best of all, they do not entail a great expense .

Use a soda can

Perhaps one of the fastest solutions to extend the Wi-Fi signal. It may seem far-fetched, but a can can come in very handy for this purpose. Keep in mind that the cans are made of aluminum , a very good material to reflect the signal from the router.

The idea is to cut the can to take advantage of its aluminum and reflect the signal. By cutting the can horizontally, you can use the material to create a small oval-shaped antenna that will sit behind the router antennas .

with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be very efficient at reflecting electromagnetic waves transmitted by the Wi-Fi router. In the vast majority of cases it is recommended to put the aluminum foil just behind the antennas in order to redirect the signal .

In any case, it is recommended to make a small moldable base to use the aluminum foil. In turn, although there are different ways to put it, it is recommended to use the typical oval shape common to the antennas, very similar to what is done with the soda can .

Pringles can

This method is designed for wireless network adapters, that is, those with the typical antenna that is connected to the Internet adapter of our computer. In this case, the Pringles can surrounds the antenna in order to better receive the signal. It is certainly not the best solution to amplify the signal, but if you do not have more resources at hand you can consider it.

What is the best WiFi repeater that I can get for my home?

It all depends on the use you intend to give it and the size of your home. If you have a very large home, it is best to invest a little more in a good repeater . On the other hand, if your home is small, anyone should be enough to accomplish this task.

In any case, if you plan to buy something of good quality, focus on buying products from reputable and experienced brands. Some brands that offer good products in this area are Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys or D-Link .

Do this to use an old modem as a repeater

You may not know it, but many routers are capable of functioning as a repeater. So if you have an old router that you don’t use, you can use it as a Wi-Fi signal booster . Of course, not all have this function, so you should find out about the specific model you have.

As we pointed out, it all depends on the router model you have. The repeater option is usually called WDS Bridging , so if you see it in the router’s configuration functions, it means that it is capable of working as a Wi-Fi signal repeater. In any case, there are various methods to connect a router in Bridge Mode .

It is not the same to configure the Bridge Mode in a TP-Link router than to do it with a Lynksys router. For this reason, it is important that you read the user manual to make these types of settings. You can also refer to the official website of the manufacturers to find out about it.


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