How to use your router as a Wifi signal repeater – Requirements and process

It is very common that in an office or at home you need to expand the Wi-Fi signal, since it does not fully cover the space that is needed. That is why it is necessary to enter the firmware of a router, update it or configure it so that it repeats the Wi-Fi signal without the need to use a modem .

To do so, it is necessary to enter the router and connect it to the Wi-Fi signal by entering your data, of course you have to activate the repeater mode and remove DHCP , since the IP is needed to be distributed correctly. Also, having everything right, you can customize the new signal emitted with a name and password.

How to use your ROUTER as a Wifi signal REPEATER – Requirements and process

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  1. What are the characteristics that a router must meet to be a repeater?
    1. IP adress
    2. team reset
    3. Cable ethernet
  2. How can you configure your router to be a repeater?
    1. Modify the IP
    2. Disable DHCP
    3. Enable WDS Bridging
    4. Select your WiFi signal
    5. Change the name of your signal

What are the characteristics that a router must meet to be a repeater?

There are several aspects that you should take into account when configuring a router as a repeater. The most important is the access data, since without them you will not be able to enter the device. Don’t worry as you can find these at the bottom of the router . You should also take into account the following characteristics:

IP adress

Like the data, a router must have an IP address which allows us to access the firmware , it is common for this to be found on a piece of paper at the bottom of the router, in the same way a manual must be included with the purchase, the which shows the IP address.

team reset

Every router has a small hole or button to restore it in case something goes wrong in the configuration, when using this reset equipment the router returns to its original state. In other words, its factory settings which we can access again with the main data.

Cable ethernet

With an ethernet cable you can access the router using a computer, make sure you have one before using it. In the same way , depending on the model of the router, you can configure it wirelessly , since some emit a signal which allows the user to use their phone to access the firmware and make the settings they want.

How can you configure your router to be a repeater?

The first thing you should do is enter the firmware of the router , for this it is necessary to know the IP address of your computer , and then enter the data provided by the manufacturer. So to configure your router as a repeater you have to do the following:

Modify the IP

Enter the ethernet properties of your computer and modify the IP that is similar to that of the router to configure. For example, if the router’s IP is, your computer’s IP could be You also have the option to customize the LAN IP to enter with one of your preference.

It is recommended to customize it because if the IP of the router to which we are going to repeat the signal is the same, a conflict is created when you want to enter the settings of any of them again.

Disable DHCP

DHCP assigns the IP address to the devices to be connected. This needs to be disabled as it will not be used. When configuring a router as a repeater, the IPs are provided by the main router that emits the Wifi and not the one used as a repeater, otherwise conflicts are created.

Enable WDS Bridging

It is very important to activate or check the Enable WDS Bridging box in the wireless settings, better known as ‘Wireless setting’.  This box is the one that activates our router as a repeater . You will notice that when marking it, several options are shown, including scanning the Wi-Fi signal to which we want to connect to repeat it.

Select your WiFi signal

When scanning the Wi-Fi signals, a list of possible options is displayed, and next to the connect button , it is necessary to enter the password to connect. In addition, a user can know who is connected to the wifi , of course if it is your own wifi there will be no problems with the connection.

Change the name of your signal

Once you have added the data of the Wi-Fi signal you want to connect to, you have the option to change the name of your repeated Wi-Fi signal , place the one you most want and that’s it. These steps are perfectly compatible with TP Link company routers .

In the same way, according to the model you use, you can consult the manufacturer’s manual , which is included in the box with your purchase.


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