How to connect TP-LINK Extender repeater?

Do you have problems to have all your equipment connected at home? One possible solution is to connect and configure a TP-LINK Extender repeater to increase the wireless network of all the spaces in your home.

The 21st century has brought the need to be constantly connected and the use of efficient wireless networks is a priority. We all want a fast internet connection, but the signal may not reach all rooms . Luckily there are devices that serve to solve this problem, although there are ways to create homemade signal amplifiers .

How to Connect and Configure the TPLINK Extender Repeater Correctly to Increase Wireless Network


  • What are repeaters?
  • How to connect and configure the TP-LINK Extender repeater correctly?

What are repeaters?

These are small devices that serve to increase the network signal . Its objective is to make it more powerful, with more intensity and can cover more distance. An excellent solution if you suspect that you have a slow internet speed .

It is a fulcrum for the router to increase the signal in all areas. It should only be connected to an outlet and located in a strategic place where it can receive the signal and extend it to places where the router cannot reach.

Before buying a repeater make sure it fits your needs. That is, take into account if it is a house with more than one floor, the distance it covers, the frequency band in which it works and the number of devices that are going to be connected .

How to connect and configure the TP-LINK Extender repeater correctly?

TPLINK repeaters tend to be quite popular because they are easy to set up and quite simple to install. There are different models on the market with a price variation that is linked to the functions they have incorporated.

Quick setup (With WPS button)

This option applies to devices (routers and repeaters) that have a built-in WPS button . If so, the installation takes an average of 5 minutes.

  • Plug the repeater into an outlet near the router
  • Wait for it to turn on completely and press the WPS button onthe router for a period of 3 seconds
  • Immediately press the range extender or WPS button onthe repeater for at least 3 seconds
  • Now the synchronization process between the two devices begins and you must wait for the repeater to turn on all the lights as a signal of being ready
  • The repeater is already synchronized, now disconnect it from the electrical outlet and place it in a strategic placewhere it can broadcast a signal to all places in your home or office

To check that it is working properly, check that all the lights come on when you plug it back into the outlet. Although this may vary depending on the TP-LINK repeater model you have.

Configuration without the WPS button

There are repeater models like the TP-Link Wi-Fi RE200 AC750 that have a WPS button included. In these cases it is necessary to make the configuration from the browser.

  • Plug the repeater into a power outlet and turn it on
  • Then connect the repeater to the main access point. Models like the TP-Link TL-WA850REhave an Ethernet port to connect by cable with the computer and the connection is identified with the name of TP-LINK_Extender_XXX
    • If you make the wired connection, disable any wireless connection
    • In case the connection is wireless, disconnect any other active network
  • Open the browser of your choice and access the TP-Link configuration page
  • You will have at your disposal several methods, choose the one you consider most appropriate
  • In the next step, request a username and password. Being the first to see that you do the configuration, you put the ones that the device brings by default that are admin and admin (all in lowercase)
  • You have accessed the quick configuration page, Choose the option Select the router / AP WiFi network
  • Write the access password of the WiFi network of the router / main AP, you can put the same one that the router has. If you don’t know what it is, you can look for it on your Android phone
  • After finishing the configuration, verify that all the lights turn on without problem
  • Disconnect the repeater and place it in a specific place in the house. Wait about 30 seconds to connect and check that it works perfectly.


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