How to print a web page using Google Cloud Print

Although digital content is very useful, it is often more comfortable to read on paper, this is where it is necessary to print from Google Chrome. Today we teach you how to print a web page using Google Cloud Print .

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  1. What kind of web pages can you print and for what uses?
    1. online classes
    2. Instructions
    3. offline reading
  2. How to set up Google Cloud Print on your computer?
  3. How to customize the printing of the web page?
    1. choose the color
    2. paper size
    3. With graphics or without graphics
  4. For what reasons might a web page not print?

What kind of web pages can you print and for what uses?

The options to print using Google Cloud Print or print from an Android mobile can be very useful. Next, we mention some of the circumstances in which the printing service becomes practically indispensable.

online classes

Without a doubt, the printing options present in Google Chrome can be very useful when you are studying. For example, if you take classes online and want to have a physical backup of the content to be studied, Google Cloud Print options could be useful.


Another circumstance in which Google Cloud Print can be very useful is for instructions or manuals. If you want to have a physical version of the manual of any of your gadgets or electronic devices, you can access a website that has it and print it with the options presented by the Google Chrome browser .

offline reading

If you access a free book or through the Internet, the Google Cloud Print options can be very useful. There is certainly nothing like reading on paper and fortunately Google Chrome allows us to print the vast majority of websites we visit. Therefore, if you want to protect your eyesight and get away from the screen for a while , it is worth printing the content you want to read in the future.

In addition to the above, it is also possible to download and print books from Google Book , something essential for lovers of reading on paper. Of course, we recommend configuring the printing options so that you can take better advantage of the paper and ink.

How to set up Google Cloud Print on your computer?

  • To use the print options of the Google Chrome browser, press the Ctrl+P keys at the same time.
  • make the relevant print settings (we’ll show you how to set these options below).
  • At the top ‘Destination’ you can choose whether to save the document as a PDFor directly print it or send it to another place.
  • Select ‘Print’ or ‘Save’ depending on what you need.

How to customize the printing of the web page?

The Google browser allows you to configure the impressions in a detailed way, something that we recommend to obtain the result you are looking for. The options mentioned below appear in ‘More settings’ which is displayed when you open the Google Chrome printing tool.

choose the color

In some versions of Google Chrome you can choose the color, making it easier to read or directly applying a personal setting . In any case, in the most recent versions of Google Chrome, the option is not available, but you can make other modifications.

paper size

Perhaps one of the most important options, the paper size should be according to the sheets you have. Normally A4 or ‘Letter’ size sheets are handled , select the one according to the paper you have, otherwise the printing could go wrong.

With graphics or without graphics

If you want to save ink, Google Chrome allows the deactivation of graphics that usually have colors. In any case, if you want your print to be complete, you need to activate the ‘Background graphics’ option .

For what reasons might a web page not print?

This is very rare, but there is a chance that you will not be able to print a web page. In the vast majority of circumstances, this happens because the website owners or creators do not allow the distribution of their content , so they can block access to printing.

It is best not to print websites that may be blocked. Anyway, if you really need the information on this website, you can take a screenshot and edit it in any image editing program and then print it.

In fact, you can also print a file from a USB memory , so if you don’t have a printer, you can transport the content to a place where they can print it for you. Similarly, as we pointed out, you can also save the print files as PDF documents for this purpose.


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