How to use the phone as a WiFi router or repeater

It is almost impossible, not to say impossible, that someone does not currently have a smartphone. This device is capable of performing various tasks, among which we can mention taking photos, recording videos, recording voices, making calls, counting steps and calories , among many more. But maybe you didn’t know that it can be used as a router. And in the following article we are going to teach you how to use your mobile as a WiFi router or repeater.

Routers are devices that allow us to connect to the network in various ways either by cables or by wireless or WiFi connections. But unfortunately we can reach a house where they have not been able to place the Router in a strategic place so that it can distribute the signal evenly throughout the place.

Having this problem only occurs to us to be as close as possible to the Router so as not to lose the connection. But we do not know that we have the solution to this problem in our hands and it is about the smartphone. So if you want to know how to use your mobile as a router or WiFi repeater, we suggest you continue reading this article.


  • How to use the phone as a WiFi router or repeater
  • Steps to use the Android mobile as a WiFi repeater

How to use the phone as a WiFi router or repeater

It is interesting that the mobile devices that work with the Android operating system are mostly the newest or the old-fashioned. They have a WiFi signal repeater included Therefore, it will not be necessary for you to enter the Play Store and download an application, therefore it will be much easier than you imagine.

Therefore we can recommend two things before starting this tutorial, first of all you should use a smartphone that you do not use daily. So that you can leave it exclusively as a WiFi signal repeater . And this device you drink, keep it connected to its charger, since this operation demands a lot of energy and the battery will drain quickly.

Steps to use the Android mobile as a WiFi repeater

As the first obvious step that we must take to turn your Android mobile into a WiFi repeater is to connect to the network. We will carry out this operation in the usual way, we will enter the “Settings” of the phone.

Then we will select the WiFi section and we will look for the signal to which we will connect, for this we must enter the password and then click on “Connect”. Although there are ways to perform this procedure without having the password .

Once this simple step is done, we will go to the next step which consists of returning to the phone settings and now we are going to click on the “Connections” option. This action will take us to its window and in it we are going to click on the option “Shared connection and modem”.

This to be able to enter, by doing so we will click on the text and in this way have access to the characteristics of the network that we will create. In our case we are going to place by SSID name, the band will be 2.4 or 5 GHz and we will put a password. We must be careful with this data so that the signal is not stolen and in this way it becomes slower.

The next step is to return to the previous menu and here we will find a switch which must be set to activated and thus the repeater function will be activated. And in this simple way you have turned your Android phone into a WiFi router or repeater.

And best of all, it was not necessary to use cables, applications, or complicated connections, all in a very simple way. And through this interesting article you already know and know how to use your Android mobile as a wireless router or WiFi repeater.


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