How to leave an order pending payment on AliExpress

As in any online store, the usual thing in AliExpress is to pay for what we have bought at the time of ordering. But sometimes we can make an agreement with a seller to leave it reserved while its price changes. In that case, it may be interesting to know how to leave an order pending payment on AliExpress .

Until a few years ago, AliExpress had an option to leave the payment pending. However, that option ended up being eliminated , probably due to abuse by some users. Does that mean that I can no longer leave a pending payment in this online store? Not much less. Simply the steps you have to take to do so take a little more detours.

The easiest way to know how to leave an order pending payment on AliExpress is by using a prepaid credit card .

In that case, you must have it completely empty before ordering. Thus, the moment you use it as a means of payment, you will be able to see how the payment remains pending. You will have approximately a couple of weeks to make the final payment, otherwise the order will be canceled. But if what you need is to “buy time”, it may be the solution.

Another solution that you can carry out to leave a payment as pending is to use Transfermoney as a payment method . In the event that you do not have an account or you have an account without a balance, the process will be the same as with a prepaid card: the order will remain pending for a few days until you can make the payment correctly. In those days you can solve the problem you have to pay and later buy or cancel.


Usually, leaving an order pending payment is done with the idea of ​​paying later. But it is possible that in the end you will regret it and no longer want the product that you were about to buy. Then you should learn how to cancel pending order on AliExpress .

If the payment has not yet been made, and it is pending, it is possible to cancel it without the need for the seller to accept it .

Thus, the moment you regret buying any product, you just have to look for it in your order list and click Cancel order . At that time the purchase will be automatically canceled without the need for confrontations with the seller.

As we have commented previously, after a few weeks the order is automatically canceled if we have not paid for it. Therefore, another way to cancel a pending order on AliExpress is to simply let time pass. If you never make the payment, the order cancellation will be done automatically.

In the event that the payment method you had entered was valid, keep in mind that, even if you cancel before the payment is made, AliExpress will collect it , although it will refund you a few more days late. Normally there are not many problems with this type of procedure, but to avoid complications we recommend placing an order only if you are sure you want it.


Whether you leave a pending payment or not, the reality is that AliExpress is a platform that is sometimes difficult to get the hang of. If you want to learn how to get the most out of it, we recommend that you read the following articles:


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