How to get coupons on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the online shopping applications where you can buy products of all kinds. If you are a buyer on this platform, we will tell you how to get coupons on AliExpress to get discounts on the price of different products.

We all like to get any item we want to buy at a lower price. That is what AliExpress coupons are for, but if you have to keep in mind something about them, it is that many of those offered on countless web pages are not valid after doing a Google search.

Before knowing how to get coupons in AliExpress, you should know how many types of AliExpress coupons there are. There are two types: AliExpress coupons and seller coupons .

Among the AliExpress coupons are the selection coupons, the coupons that are given away or raffled on special occasions or promotions from the platform and the welcome coupons given to users who have just registered. Seller coupons are those that offer you stores that sell their products on AliExpress.

But then how to get coupons on AliExpress? The best way to acquire them is within the platform itself. On the main website of the application you can find ads for discount coupons. You just have to click on “get” to add them to your account. These are then stored in the “My coupons” section of your personal area and you can use them for other purchases.

In addition, you can find many coupons in the AliExpress Coupon Center that belongs to the company itself.


If you already know how to get coupons in AliExpress but what you don’t know is how you can use them in your next purchases, we will tell you how to use coupons in AliExpress.

To use the coupons you must first start a purchase process because it will not be until the end of it when you can apply them in the basket. Complete the whole process and when you get to the last step, go down to the end where it says “payment method”.

You will see two ways to apply the coupons, one that says “Use AliExpress coupon” where a drop-down appears where you can choose the coupon to apply. These coupons are the ones you had stored in the “My coupons” section of your profile.

The other way to apply the coupon is by inserting the promotional code that you have obtained from an advertisement on the website itself. You will see later that the coupon is discounted in the total amount. To finish the process, you only have to pay for your purchase.


One of the ways to find out how to get coupons from AliExpress is through the AliExpress Coupon Center that belongs to the company itself. On this website you will find hundreds of discounts for all kinds of items .

If you have visited it, you will have already seen that there are two ways to get coupons. On the one hand there are the AliExpress coupons for any item, which what they do is apply the discount that they indicate regardless of the type of product you have bought.

On the other hand, there are the seller coupons , which are applied directly to a product in question. To make it easier to find discounts, they are organized by product category.

It is best that you do your research and search this AliExpress Coupon Center before making any purchase in case you can get some of the items a bit cheaper.


The AliExpress Selection coupon is interesting to get discounts on a product because it can also be combined with other types of coupons on the platform. These types of coupons can appear next to an item or a store and it means that you can use it there.

The best way to get this type of coupons is by clicking on “get coupons selection “. These coupons are always for an amount of $ 2 and we can get an unlimited number by exchanging 20 coins for each selection coupon.


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