How to order on AliExpress without paying

As in any online store, the orders we make in AliExpress obviously have to be paid for. But on many occasions you reach an agreement with a seller, for example for a discount, and you need to learn how to place an order on AliExpress without paying and then pay it at the new price. It is something that is not usually very common, but many sellers reach agreements of this type, and it can be a bit complicated if it is your first time.

If you have a prepaid card for your online purchases, the easiest way to do this is to use it empty. In this way the order will be made and the seller will be able to see it as if you had paid for it. But, as there is no money on your card, the payment will not be made, so you will have left the signal of your order without paying in advance.

If your card is not prepaid, you also have the option of temporarily deactivating purchases over the Internet . Make the purchase on AliExpress and then activate it again. It is one of the options most available to anyone, but you have to bear in mind that while you have it disabled you will not be able to make any other online purchase.

Another option that you can carry out is to choose the Webmoney option as a payment method. If you do not have an account in it at that time, the payment will remain pending. In this way, when you reach an agreement with the seller for a new price, you can create an account and make the payment. If you use this method, what you should keep in mind is that later you will have to pay the dollars, and at the exchange rate that this system is using.


Once the payment method is selected, it is time to confirm order on Aliexpress without paying . In principle, if you have used any of the payment methods set out above, you can confirm the order without problem.

Of course, you must bear in mind that you have a maximum period of 20 days to make the payment, or otherwise your order will be canceled automatically. Normally, if you leave it without paying, you do it by agreement with the seller, he will solve the problem before that date, since in the end what you want is simply to make a sale.

If you are not interested in making the payment at this time, keep in mind that the seller may not confirm your order and not send it . The tricks of how to order in AliExpress without paying are useful when what we want is to reach an agreement with the seller for a different price than the one that was in the beginning. But if you try to “cheat” to try to get something for free you will almost certainly not be able to do it. Let’s not forget that AliExpress after all is still a store, and of course its purpose is none other than to sell.

Keep in mind that when you pay through AliExpress, the seller does not receive the money until they send the order . And if it does not arrive, you can ask for it to be returned to you. Therefore, you do not need to look for some alternative way to ensure that you do not pay until it arrives, since the platform is prepared for it.


Regardless of whether you pay instantly or not, your purchases on AliExpress can be more satisfactory if you follow these tips:

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