How to know what time it is in Minecraft?

If you are playing Minecraft in survival mode , it will be very important that you take into account what time it is in this world while you are playing, also sometimes it gives an error to start and this problem has a simple solution.

If you have time enjoying this open world video game and that you can play in multiplayer mode , you will know that the nights in Minecraft are quite dangerous. So if you left your house to explore and want to go for resources that are necessary for your survival, it is important that you take time into account.

If night falls and you are not near your house or a shelter, it is very likely that you will be attacked by various enemies, and we do not want you to die and lose everything you have collected.

For this reason it is important that you build a clock that tells you what time it is and avoid staying out of the house when night begins to fall, you must also have weapons to defend yourself from attacks. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, with this guide we will show you what materials you need and how it is built.

How to know what time it is in Minecraft?

One of the advantages of Minecraft updates is that they always come with new things, and that is exactly what happened in one of their 2010 updates. In this update a clock was added that allows you to know what time it is, or rather, helps you measure the day How?

This watch has a small sensor that, although you cannot use it, shows you the position of the moon and the sun in the drawing of the watch. This way you can know how long until day or night arrives.

This watch has 2 halves . One indicates the day and the other indicates the night. When these 2 halves are seen together, that is to say night is seen to the right and day is seen to the left, it means that it is going to dawn or, on the contrary, night is beginning to fall.

And in the event that you have been mining underground for a while, you will know when to come to the surface, we do not want you to run into an enemy.

How to create a clock in Minecraft?

Doing so is not complicated at all and it will be of great help in your adventures. First of all you will need gold bars, 4 to be exact.

You can get the gold ore by mining and you must dig to a certain depth. You will not be able to extract it with a stone pick, you will need to use an iron pick.

Once you have managed to obtain the gold , you must convert it into bullion . How? Very easy. You must already have an oven within reach, so you must place the blocks with gold that you mined in the oven and also add coal. This mineral is one of the most common in Minecraft and you don’t have to dig that deep to find it.

Once the furnace has finished melting the gold, you can extract the ingots. But this is not the only material you will need, you will also need a Redstone powder.

You will also get the Redstne by mining in the depths and when you break a block of Redstone, you will see that the dust of this material falls so you can collect it.

Now, you already have all the necessary materials to build your watch. Now you must go to the work table or crafting table and put the gold bars in the boxes of the table in the shape of a cross, leaving the space in the middle free because that is where the Redstone dust will go .

And that’s it, you can get your watch so you know what time of the day you are playing and thus stay more protected. You will be able to see how the small sphere moves as time passes. Also if you want you can create a free account

One tip while you get the materials to make this watch is to look at the position of the sun and the moon . When the night is near the sky is painted orange and when it rises normally you can hear the noise of the enemies taking damage for this.


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