How to know the time you spend on your iPhone screen

We often spend too much time on the phone, which can negatively impact our productivity and health. Apple provides tools to help track usage on your devices, such as the Screen Time feature on the iPhone .

Apple’s Screen Time setting includes several useful features to help you promote healthy phone habits. Among them, setting limits on the number of applications you can use and controlling the time spent in front of the screen.

Check iPhone screen time

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You must first open the Settings application from the home screen of your iPhone.

Next, click on the Screen Time option .

Before you can receive information and data on the time you spend on your iPhone screen, you must first activate the screen time function, if you had not done so previously.

Tap Activate screen time to continue.

It will show you information about what you can do with the function. You must press the Continue button .

Then you must specify if this is your iPhone or the iPhone of a minor. In this case, we focus on checking the screen time of your own iPhone.

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With this you will have already activated the function on your device, but you will only be able to have your time data on the screen from now on. Unless you already had the feature active beforehand.

You won’t be able to see the weather data on the screen retroactively, but when you use your phone a bit, you’ll start to see information on the graph.

When you have enough data, it will show you the history of the current week, by day, average, etc.

Additionally, it has the following functions to help you control your screen time:

  • You can set a Disabled time, in which you must specify a time when you will not be able to use your phone, except for calls.
  • It also allows you to set a Limit for apps, being able to control the time you spend on the screen by category of applications.
  • There is also the Communication Limit in which you can set limitations for contacts.

Tap See all activity for a deeper breakdown, including most-used categories and apps.

You will be able to see the applications in which you are investing more time on the screen.

This is a quick and easy way to take a look at how you are using your phone. These figures may surprise some people, in addition to being able to take actions to make better use of their time and the use they give to their devices.

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