How to know how much time you spend on Facebook

On the Facebook platform you can do many activities that prevent you from leaving the application, since these applications are usually designed to entertain or make their users stay in it as much of their time as possible without getting tired or bored, suggesting content from interest to the user. Next, we will tell you how to see how much time you spend within this platform to keep better control.

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  1. How to see ‘your time on Facebook’ from your mobile?
    1. View weather on Facebook for iOS
    2. On Facebook for Android
  2. How to see the ‘time on Facebook’ from the application?
    1. Go to ‘settings and privacy’
    2. Select ‘Your time on Facebook’
  3. Tips to limit your time on Facebook

How to see ‘your time on Facebook’ from your mobile?

The Facebook social network in its application has the way of observing how much time you spend on the platform, you will have a configuration which you can observe the time elapsed in the App, follow the following steps to access it:

View weather on Facebook for iOS

If you want to observe your history of how much time you spend in the Facebook application on your device with an iOS system, you can do it in the following way:

  1. Enter the Facebook application.
  2. Go now to your settings which are located on the right side, they have a symbol of three continuous lines.
  3. Now, go to the settings option that is in this list.
  4. By being here, you will be able to look for confirmation of Your time on Facebookas well as see how much time you spend in the App.

On Facebook for Android

If you have an Android device, you have the option to see how much time you spend in the application. You can do it by following the following indications:

  1. You must click on where the Facebook application icon is located, if you cannot find it you can go to your application search engine and place the name of the App, it is a way to find the social network on your device.
  2. When entering the application, you must enter the corresponding data to enter your social network user.
  3. Now, you must wait for the application to load all its content. When you load everything that she brings, you will be able to enter the application’s Settings.
  4. To enter Settings, you must go to the three linesthat are located on the right side of your main screen.
  5. In your settings, you will have a very complete list where you can do what you want with your application. Now look for settings.
  6. After being in settings, you should look for the privacy option.
  7. In these settings, there will be the option you are looking for to see Your time on Facebook.

How to see the ‘time on Facebook’ from the application?

Facebook is an application with a very large number of users . In which, you can be immersed for a long time , since the application has a variety of functions where you will be able to do a lot of things such as creating a post of your choice, sharing images, playing games, using it as a work medium, among other things. In this application you will not be bored for a second, to see how much time you are spending in the Application from the Web you can do it in the following way.

The first thing you should do is access your search engine and place the name of the application , open a section with your username, wait for it to enter completely.

Go to ‘settings and privacy’

Being in the application, you must go to ‘settings and privacy’ that are in the main settings of your application, which are located in one of the icons on your main screen. In these Settings you will have the option to modify all aspects of your Facebook social network , such as changing your password, deleting all your activity history , changing personal information, among other settings that you are allowed here.

Select ‘Your time on Facebook’

Being in these settings you should look for the option you want, which is like seeing your elapsed time in the App . Here you will have this option.

Tips to limit your time on Facebook

If you see that you spend a lot of time doing activity in the Facebook application , you can follow the following tips so that you use it a little less and thus take more time to do other things that you can get more out of your life .

  • Go outdoors with your friends: Try to distract yourself with your close people in a way to stop using your social network so often, seek to distract yourself in another place that is not your comfort zone. You can go out to a park, a square, a field.
  • Try to do new things in your house: Do new activities in your house that make them distract you, you can start doing crafts, watching television, exercising, dancing. Anything other than being logged into your Facebook Application.
  • Try to use other social networks:There is a very extensive amount of social networks that exist around the world, you can try to enter other platforms where you can interact such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube or any other social network.
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